We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

*revised* Casey Panics and Anthony's Go to Church *RANT POST*

Rants and such......

As you know, I do not post many of my own opinions on this blog. I keep it straight and to the point. Providing just want the facts and no BS.

I do, however encourage comments. If you feel like leaving one, great! If not, that's great, too! I am just glad that you stopped by to get some information from my blog, and I hope it answered your questions and you found what you were looking for.

Over the reading recent developments and reading and hearing the theories beginning to swirl, I thought it was about time for a "RANT POST"

  1. Remember when the remains were found and Caylee had a "panic attack"? She needed a sedative. When one goes into panic attack mode, they are anxious, scared, their heart pounding. Some are not even sure of the source of their panic. See where I am going with this? Casey was in panic mode because someone had found out her secret. Someone had found the remains of her daughter. It was not reported she was distraught, saddened, or even cried. It was reported Casey had a "panic attack". If someone were to tell me that the remains of my missing 3 year old were found a quarter mile from my home, I would collapse.I would be unable to move, except to curl up into the fetal position. (I can say this because I did exactly the same when I learned of my husband's death, as well as my nephew, who had been missing for 24 hours before he was found just shortly after committing suicide) There is something odd about Casey's reaction, but hey, it just may be me. When it was reported on Thursday that Casey had a panic attack, I immediately thought, "panic?" Why not hysteria? Fits of sobbing? Outrage? Oh no, none of this for Casey, she ordered beef sticks and juice from her commissary and took a sedative for her panic. See commissary purchases on 12/11/08 here
    During the other searches, when something was found that may have been of relevance, i.e. Padilla's search of the Little Econ at Jay Blanchard Park, the finding of the beads, shamrock,toys, etc.; See pictures here. All of the reporters were cautious not to make much of the finds. Cindy was at the park during Padilla's search being her uncivilized, Cindy self. Shortly after, we had Dennis Milstead's suspicious past come back to haunt him, causing KidFinders to disband in Orlando. Kidfinders was doing so much to "find" Caylee. And to think, precious Caylee could have been right under their nose. Then we have Michelle Bart, also associated with Kidfinders, as the Anthony's new spokesperson, Larry Garrison, Anthony's first spokesperson, is caught embezzling money, we learn this via Cindy's email being hacked over Thanksgiving weekend. Finally, NeJame resigns as attorney.

    After all this bad publicity, Cindy and George take a trip to California to begin a media blitz ending with a disastrous appearance on Larry King: Live, on Wednesday, Dc ember 10, 2008. Lie after lie crept out of George and Cindy's mouths during the interview. They were also going to research a Caylee sighting at Newport Beach and spoke of a sighting tip of Caylee in Tennessee she received that afternoon at 4pm. Little did they know what they were going to come home to.

    When the Anthony's arrived late last Thursday night to find their home had been marked as a crime scene, everything changed. Cindy and George were not allowed in their home. They stayed at the Ritz Carlton. Come on, really, The Ritz? There went the Larry King check. Oh well,to each his own.
  • Sunday, Michelle Bart starts the spin. It is Zenaida Gonzalez. The evidence must have been planted, she implied in not so many words. Bart Conway, the Anthony's new attorney, re-reiterated the same information in his presser this afternoon. "Zanny" has something to do with this. Not the Zanny represented by John Morgan, but the Zanny that Casey knows." He has been on this case what, 4 days at most?

I am a Christian. I have a Church I belong to. No, I do not frequent every Sunday. But they are my extended family. During my illness the congregation has been wonderful to check on me and my daughters, to bring food, and ofter to do anything I need. I am in a situation where it is difficult for me to attend church every Sunday, but I also believe that "church is where you find it". I feel prayers are always heard. Especially when you pray during the good and the bad.

  • In the FBI tapes, Cindy states that they do not belong to any church and do not worship in church every Sunday. Now, all of a sudden, they are going to church, when they supposedly want privacy. I am in no way, whatsoever, making light of their seeking God, or visiting church.I am also the last one to judge anyone. I just find it odd when people that do not attend church regularly, and are out in the media every chance they get, are suddenly silent, going to church, and cuddling a teddy bear. (all the while, knowing full well she would be seen) Why not have a private meeting with their pastor at their home. If the Anthony's are begging for privacy, why go to a church they had not been to in years?

I have a problem with people who turn to God when it is "convenient". God should always be with you. During good times, bad times, joyful times, and times of tribulation. Not just when you want Him there. Casey had to have "church visits" on her scheduled visits when on in-home incarceration, but not one church visit did we have witness to.

Actually, in a sense, I admire the Anthony's for going to service yesterday. I just hope it was for the right reasons.I just can't help thinking it was a ploy.

I think back to Casey and how she did things for attention. Reality may conclude this was all for attention, as well. Cindy is not out of the woods, just yet. You know the saying, the apple falls not far from the tree.

Please,I do not want this to turn into a debate on when to go or not to go to church. These are just observations I, as well as many others have made. And they are also my opinions. I just wanted to get them out there.

While at it, what is up with the defense? They should know they can not have access to the crime scene. Why? Because it has not been confirmed to be the remains of Caylee. Just as if it were to turn out to be the remains of another child, there would be no defense team there "observing", because there would not a pending trial for that particular case. There is a pending trial in this case however, but the remains have yet to be identified. To the public anyway. So why would the defense be there in the first place? Judge Strickland denied them specifically any access to the scene, yet there the whole team stands, within feet of it. Am I the only one that sees the common sense in that? Unless, Baez and Company are subliminally letting us know that the remains were those of Caylee. I don't know of any lawyers, other than Baez, that make motions and take up the courts time, "just in case".

We find out from Dr. Henry Lee he is working pro-bono on the case. How surprising. As Nancy Grace says, "Casey couldn't even put gas in her car, how is she paying for these high profile lawyers?" It really is no concern of ours, but I would think it would be of concern to the the residents of the State of Florida. Even though not State appointed, who knows what meandering Baez is capable of. He couldn't come up with the $900+ for copying fees to pick up the evidence documents from the prosecutions' office.

I believe Baez had a streak of good luck and had a great case land in his lap "literally", so he is using it to further his "court time", not to mention his career. Remember he has not enough court / trial hours to be primary counsel on the case.
You can not make this stuff up.
Call in Casey's *ahem* "Dream Team*. All of which, have been on the nightly talk shows, that I love to watch, yes, but they have leaked evidence, and spoken of things, things that you might not want a jury necessarily knowing. I guess the money part is to keep your mouth shut. No money, not shutting of mouth.

Here's a hypothetical: this case goes to trial, Baez has all of his high profile co-counsel, and expert witnesses, yet at the end of the day, Casey is found guilty. What has he accomplished, except face time, of which makes me nauseous, and it's not the chemo.

Finally, please do not let the defense use an insanity plea. Caylee knew the difference between right and wrong, but I do believe that she had huge mental health issues. However, she may have thought she was being smart. The remains were doubled bagged, and duct tape was found, not across the mouth, as to keep it shut, but we know learn it was wrapped around the head. This could lead to the best forensic findings. The duct tape would hold top layer of skin, or epidermis, and hair. Even though hair is one of the first appendages to dissipate after death, the tape held what hair was stuck to the tape in place around the skull. This is all from reports from sources at the scene. One theory and I might add, I had thought of it as well, is that the tape was placed "post-mortem" or after death, to make it look like a staged kidnapping and Caylee was ultimately killed by the kidnappers.

From evidence documents, Casey searched chloroform and neck breaking, missing children, household items weapons and a slew of other searches in March '08.

This adds up to premeditated to me, unless she was writing a thesis paper for her class at Valencia or UCF, oh hell maybe even on UFC, as she and friends were watching at Wild Wings. heh......

(See cast of characters for reference)

Rest in Peace, sweet child, Caylee or not. What a terrible way to leave this world. I think many nights of how the "3's" are a special time in a child's development. A sort of coming into, if you will. The walking has been going on for a while, sentences are starting to become more meaningful, and children that age are so hilariously funny. Not to mention, Caylee or whom ever these remains are, will never laugh again, smile again, hug or be hug. Play in the sunshine and live to experience school, friends, boyfriends, college, then onto marriage and children of her own. What a sad terrible way to die. I firmly believe in the death penalty, but in this case, I pray the lawyers do not put it back on the table. Casey did nothing to lead LE or FBI to Caylee's remains. Along with the economic crimes charges, if they do indeed make it to trial after this one, Casey is going to be behind bars for the remainder of her pathetic life, I do pray. Judge Strickland over ruled the prosecution's request to go forth with the economic crimes trial a few months ago, because it would not be in the best interested of Orange County. People forget how much it does cost to hold a trial. Even if she does not go to trial on the check fraud, I pray she receives life without parole on the first degree murder charge and should be made to face Amy and apologize in open court. That doesn't make it any better, but I want it.
Thank God for Amy Huezinga. If not for her, there is not telling where Casey may be right now.

Now you know why I don't post too many "rants". Believe me, I will from time to time, even if they are added within a post, they will be "italicized", as my thoughts. The also will not be as long as this post. I just feel readers want their information and to go on. Please know, however, I enjoy the comments, they are not moderated, and I leave up each one, whether you believe with me or not. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you knock me or my blog, however, be prepared to be fired back at, so be careful what you say. Most of the time, I let the ignorance roll off my back. There are several in every bunch.

Thank you for visiting and reading and just to let you know, in the coming days, I may be working to add more information to the site. The title and the link will always remain the same, but if it looks different, don't be alarmed. As long as it has SpoiledMom on it, it is me, and it is trademarked. Not that my posts are great, but copiers of my screen name and/or posts, beware.

Have a nice day! It's HumpDay!


Anonymous said...

For so long now i have wanted to comment on your dedication, to the Caylee Marie, web site you have put in place, for so many of
us, heartbroken, obsessed, and concerned for this precious little angel. I can't imagine what you are going through, as I also feel for you with your own
grief's of cancer, kemo, your family etc. I would love to talk with you or exchange emails.
Thank you for all you are doing.
Hugs, Kathy

spoiledmom said...

@ anonymous (Kathy)

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so glad you found the blog. Like so many other people, I felt compelled to do something. This is the best I could do for now. My laptop is my fellow comapnion to chemo, so I can update there. Insmonia, so I update at night as well.
I appreciate your thoughts of me and my famiily I can not tell you how muc that means to me. Life is not easy, but I have to go on, for my duaghters. Please keep commenting. I would love to talk to you as well. If you see my online in my chatbox, drop me a line, (you must have Yahoo installer installed) free install at yahoo.com. We can exchange emails if you wish during a chat convo. If you have yahoo mail, you do not have to download yahoo menssenge, we can chat through email, you can add spoiledmom to your contacts and it will reach me at my pingbox, provided I am online. Have a wonderful day1 Thak you, again.

ellygh said...

I, too, want to comment on your web page and your dedication to this tragedy. You are going through so much in your life at this time as well and I can't imagine where you find the strength, but God bless you and your family. I know your outcome will be successful and I'm praying for you.

I agree with all of the comments/statements you have made on this case. I am praying that Casey Anthony gets what she deserves. Caylee was such a beautiful baby but even if she weren't, how do you do something this evil to a child?

I am so captivated by this case and am always searching for anything new so it was wonderful to discover your site. You are so thorough and right on! Keep up the fantastic work.

spoiledmom said...

@ ellygh:

Thank you very much for your comment. Your words touch my heart more than you know. Please continue to visit, I am so glad you find the site interesting and informative. I try no to give too many opions, as there are are a plethera out there. I wanted a site for up information for those that only want specific or up to date information. Not my opionions of the case itself.
In re-reading my above post, you can tell the reply time was correct: 3:02am!! Oh my, how many typos. I guess all things look good at that time of night... :) Comments need spell check... LOL
Please feel free to leave comments whenever you wish. I would enjoy speaking with you as well.
Thank you, again, for your thoughtful comments regarding my family and me.

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