We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Caylee's Myspace page: Faith Hill's "A Baby Changes Everything" (and Michelle Bart Spews Again)

From the Caylee is Missing Myspace page, written by Michelle Bart:
(reference selection italicised)

During this time of year, think before you speak. This has been a very difficult year for many of us and one little angel had the power to bring together many people in an effort to help find her and in the end many strangers have also become friends. Think before you speak, I have read over 30,000 requests to weed out those that are not appropriate; I can agree to disagree with the circumstances of the case, but keep your message short and directed to Caylee and then everyone in the end will be here for the same reason.

I want to remind everyone this is Caylee's site first and foremost. Her
mother Casey, her grandparents George and Cindy, and he Uncle Lee are her family in which she loved unconditionally and despite what many in the public have concluded to be that of the case, remember in this country as we begin change on
January 20th with a new President of The United States, "we're all innocent
until proven guilty" and any photos and history of our little angel Caylee Marie
will continue to reflect this, and this includes one hundred percent those items
of her family members.

I wish all of you happy holidays and ask you to please think before you speak or we will need to reject all requests. We are here because of Caylee, keep this in mind when sending a message and in the end Caylee will continue to smile down on all of us!!

Happy Holidays to all!
Michelle A. Bart
Note: The song chosen for Caylee's Myspace at this time is:
"A Baby Changes Everything" by Faith Hill see video below. The song is from Faith's 'Joy to the World' Christmas CD. Although a Christmas song referring to Jesus' birth, some of the lyrics are quite fitting.

With that said, I feel a tinge of guilt even comparing the two. It is a beautiful song, I have the CD and and the song became one of my favorites from the first time I listened. No matter my opinions on the Anthony's, Cindy and George, I do feel for them at this time of year. To have a child ripped from your life at any moment has to be excruciating, but at Christmas, when children are so full of wonder and amazement, it has to be emotionally hard on them. They not only lost a granddaughter, their own daughter, Casey, spent her Christmas in jail, without visit. Through Casey's actions, she placed herself in this position, innocent or guilty, she is incarcerated at Christmas. We know for sure she did commit the economic crimes, for which she is also charged, and we can say that she is "guilty" of those crimes. Evidence proves it.
Nonetheless, George and Cindy have to be enduring a painful, empty, lonely holiday full of anxiousness on what awaits in the new year. I can in my heart of hearts, at this moment, feel some emotion for what they are having to endure at this time. That is not to say I stand behind them or Casey. I, too, am awaiting further evidence to be released to hopefully provide more connection of Casey to this horrific crime.
In response to Michelle Bart's statement:

Is Michelle indicating that somehow President Obama will help Casey? Does she not realize that we all have the right to be "innocent until proven guilty", and have had that right for hundreds of years? Does Michelle think that right just began, or it is beginning when Obama takes office?

I'm a little confused on her thinking here. Much like I have always been anytime she opens her mouth.

How do the photos of Caylee reflect that Casey is innocent? Is she referring to the photos and items taken from the Anthony home in the last search warrant? All I can do is shake my head. I would ask Michelle myself, but she states that she "only reads comments of a positive nature". (i.e. only those that pity the Anthony's and believe Casey is innocent) .......

Must be the Kool-Aid....my two cents


Now Playing On Caylee Is Missing: "A Baby Changes Everything" by Faith Hill, From: Joy To The World, A Christmas Collection of Song

Caylee Marie Anthony 2005-2008
Sleep with Angels, little one.

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