We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Monday, January 26, 2009

Caylee Doll Being Manufactured..Casey Can Profit From Sales

A doll resembling Caylee Anthony is being manufactured for sale. Casey Anthony, believe it or not, is eligible to profit from the sale of these dolls. But wait, there's more. The company, manufacturing and selling the dolls, Showbiz Promotions, is being investigated by the Florida Attorney General. The president of Showbiz Promotions is Jamie Salcedo.

Inspirational Caylee Doll (click picture for website)

Showbiz Promotions is selling a doll that bears a resemblance to murdered 3 year old Caylee Anthony. Although it has blond hair, however, the doll is named "The Inspirational Caylee Doll"

From the site:

The Caylee Sunshine Doll sings the song that every child
has in their heart..."PLEASE DON"T TAKE MY SUNSHINE AWAY"...

The sweet little outfit & hat that the Caylee Sunshine Doll wears reflects the
personality of a child that was full of adventure, humor & fun. The twinkle
in her eyes & smile on her face was contagious to all that had the good
fortune to know her.

You can receive the doll for $29.99, with "a major part of that" going to charity. The representative for the company could not name any charities or organizations that would benefit from the sale of the doll. He would say that the major non profit organization, "The National Center For Exploited and Missing Children" WOULD NOT be partaking in the sale nor receiving profits from the sale of the doll.

Legal analysts on the Nancy Grace show tonight stated that Casey Anthony could profit from the sale of doll- up until- and if - she is convicted of the crime of which she is charged, first degree murder of her daughter, Caylee Anthony. However, a motion can be filed to halt Casey from profiting from proceeds of the doll.

Something not mentioned on the show tonight is that this very company is being actively investigated by the Florida Attorney General.

click to enlarge

Disclaimer from the CayleeDoll site:

DISCLAIMER: The Inspirational Caylee Doll is a fictional character. It's use is not intended to harm anyone living or dead. It is a novelty character and a tribute to Caylee Anthony. It is a symbol for all children taken from this world prematurely. The Inspirational Caylee Doll is being used to bring awareness to missing and exploited children around the world. Any similarities or likeness to Caylee Anthony are false. The image of the Caylee Doll used on our website is an exact representation of the Caylee Sunshine Doll. CayleeDoll.com is not affiliated with Caylee Anthony, her relatives, or the National Center for Missing or Exploited Children, nor do we make any claim thereof. The distribution of donations to any charity is done so at the discretion of CayleeDoll.com. All names, characters, images and logos on this site are protected by copyright, and other Intellectual Property Right laws. All rights in the products and creations are owned by CayleeDoll.com. For more information please visit our About page.

Copyright 2009 – CayleeDoll.com – All Rights Reserved

The website does not seem to be "an offical" internet marketing page, for the purposes of product sales. It appears to actually be a "blog" such as my own, set up and maintained through "Blogger.com". The blog author has set their publishing criteria though Blogger to direct users to their "own domain": i.e. "CayleeDoll.com", which drops the "blogspot.com" extension. Blogger does allow bloggers the ability to use this function without having to pay for a domain site, although, the blog is still powered by and is adherent to Blogger guidelines. Look for the "B" in the orange box which is known as a flavicon, in the address to the Cayleedoll.com page. This indicates the site is a Blogger site. While Blogger.com is a reputable domain and website, the website for the Caylee Doll is nothing more than a blog site set up for the not so legal sale of a reprehensible product.

You can visit the website here . Go to the "About us" section to view the exact address and company name as listed above in the consumer investigation.

Again, the president is Jamie Salcedo with Showbiz Promotions.

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