We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Anthony Family "Suspicious"....Is It Really Caylee?

Michelle Bart, Anthony Family Spokesperson

We have had to our advantage, however unfortunate the circumstances be, a "silent" Cindy Anthony. Not a word since that "MEdia" interview fiasco on Larry King: Live, Wednesday night.

Hang on, the ride is about to begin, again.

Michelle Bart, the Anthony family's "spokesperson" you may recall, slipped into the title after Larry Garrison was fired for "profiting off of Caylee". Michelle has been speaking on behalf of Cindy and family this weekend, and if what she has to say is any indication, the flaming, accusations, and stone throwing is about to begin.

From CFN Local 13 News:

Michelle Bart, spokeswoman for Caylee's grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony, said the family is suspicious of the circumstances leading to the findings.

"It's been searched dry, it's been searched wet, it's been searched in between. It's been searched over by Tim Miller [of Texas EquuSearch] twice, who we hold in high regards with his professional organization," Bart told News 13.

The FBI is looking at DNA from the remains, but the Orange County medical examiner said it could be a week before conclusive results are released.

Sheriff Kevin Beary told the defense team for Casey Anthony, the missing girl's mother who has been charged with her murder, the size of the bones and hair color of the remains match Caylee.

Lawyer Visits Crime Scene

Jose Baez, attorney for Casey Anthony, the mother of the missing girl charged with her murder, made surprise visits Saturday to the Anthony home and to the crime scene.

Baez and his team of experts, including forensics expert Dr. Henry Lee and Casey Anthony's brother, Lee Anthony, stopped at the home before spending several hours at the area where the remains were found.

Baez said he wants to have access and be allowed to receive information that will help bring out the truth in the case.

The last week's recent developments have taken a toll on Casey Anthony, Baez said.

"She's not doing well at all," Baez said. "She wants to know what's going on, and of course, it's not something she can do right now."

"I can't imagine a more difficult situation for a mother to be in than the position she's in right now," Baez added. "My heart goes out to whomever is the parent of this child."

Baez, along with his representative and other members of the defense team, said at this point, they still believe Caylee is still alive.

Items Removed From Anthony Home

Baez said he has a list of what Orange County deputies removed from the Anthony home Friday, when it was declared a crime scene, but Casey Anthony's lawyer said he wanted his own experts to take a look around the home.

"We're looking for everything. We're looking for the truth," Baez said.

Henry Lee told News 13 he was not surprised that a lot of items were missing from the home.

"Usually, they collect everything, basically try to find something linked to the plastic bag, to the masking tape," Lee said.

After the judge in the case denied the defense access to the discovered remains, Baez expressed frustration about what he perceives as a lack of cooperation between the team and authorities.

"We're trying whatever we can," Baez said. "I want to provide the best defense for Casey Anthony. It starts with full disclosure, and it's not after something has been not the way it was, and that's the main issue."

When asked if he believed these remains are Caylee's, Baez replied, "We're certainly preparing as if it is. We're not going to ignore whatever it is law enforcement is doing in this case."

Baez said once the scene where the remains were found is cleared, his experts will conduct their own investigation.


Anonymous said...

Garrison quit for the right reasons. If you are going to report on this blog then get your facts straight. He has information that he gave to authorities. It was reported on Fox News!

spoiledmom said...

@ Anonymous:

I have my facts straight, if you would care to debate you could leave a name, even if fake. Mommy taught me not to talk to strangers, but since you brought it up and need an education in reading comprehension, I'll play along.
When a saying such as "Caylee profiting" is in quotes: example("quotes") that means that someone else, not I, that said that particular phrase or sentence.
In this case, it was the Anthony Family that said Garrison was "profiting off of Caylee".
Garrison was not competent to speak for his own self much less the Anthony's.
As for getting my facts straight, I have spent hours, days, and months since all this began. (all while undergoing chemo, radiation and raising two teenagers)
Why? Because I care.
What have you done, might I ask?
Thanks for stopping by!

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