We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Caylee Update: Jose Baez Visits Area Where Remains Found

Jose Baez and Dr. Henry Lee
The attorney representing the Orlando mother accused of murdering her 3 year old daughter got his first glimpse of the site where the remains of a child were discovered on Thursday.

Jose Baez stood behind crime scene tape, several yards away from where the remains were found in a wooded area just off Suburban Drive and within a quarter-mile of the home of the missing toddler's grandparents.

"We should be able to observe the scene. This isn't just anyone we're allowing in, we're allowing in people they (the investigators) come to when they train," said Jose Baez speaking of a team of forensic experts assembled for the defense of 22 year old Casey Anthony.

Anthony was indicted in October on first-degree murder of Caylee Marie, even though the toddler's body hadn't been found. Casey has insisted that she left the girl with a baby sitter in June, but she didn't report Caylee missing until July.

A medical examiner found evidence among the child's remains that link them to the grandparents' home of the missing toddler, Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary said Friday, offering the strongest indication yet that the remains may be those of Caylee Marie.

On Friday, an Orange County judge denied a motion filed by Baez to preserve and protect the body of the small child. Judge Stan Strickland's ruling also denied a forensic team for the defense to work alongside crime scene investigators and the Orange County Medical Examiner.

Such experts include Dr. Kathy Reichs, a forensic anthropologist and bestselling author of crime books, Dr. Werner Spitz, a renowned forensic pathologist, Dr. Timothy Huntington, a board-certified forensic entomologist from the University of Nebraska, forensic scientist Dr. Larry Kobilinsky and criminalist Henry Lee.

Meanwhile investigators continued to collect evidence at the scene where a utility worker had found a small skull.

"The best defense is full disclosure. That's the main issue here. If there are dozens of FBI agents and numerous law enforcement offiers doing something in this area, and then going to my client's home, I'm going to pay attention to it and I want to know what's going on," said Baez during a news conference held on Saturday.

When asked if he believed the remains were those of Caylee, Baez said his team was proceeding as if that was a possibility. "We're preparing as if it is, and we're not going to ignore what investigators are doing. If it's not Caylee, we can't even celebrate, because it's someone's child."

Baez also elaborated on how Casey was handling news that remains of what could be her missing daughter were discovered and are currently under analysis. "She's not doing well at all. She wants to know what's going on, and it's something she can't do right now. I can't imagine a more difficult position for a mother to be in right now," he said.

Things mostly quiet at Anthony home

It was a relatively quiet day outside the Anthony home on Saturday, that was until the uncle of missing Caylee and brother of Casey stormed out the front door.

Surprising the media and onlookers who watched, Lee Anthony walked over to a makeshift memorial in front of the house, grabbing up the teddy bears and pictures that were left there in memory of his three year old niece.

Shortly thereafter, Jose Baez drove up to the house in this silver Cadillac along with with members of his legal team.

"Uh, we're just doing our work, really," explained Baez.

Earlier today, passersby continued a slow and fading procession through along Hopespring Drive.

"A lot of things are racing through my head, because I have nieces and nephews around that age too," said Shantell Peterson. "I just cried about it, because she didn't deserve that. If that's her ... she did not deserve to be killed like that," she added.

Orange County Sheriff's officials say evidence is mounting that the skull belongs to the toddler. The Orange County Medical Examiner's office and FBI forensics experts say it could be a week before conclusive DNA results are released.

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