We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cindy Anthony: *Cin-dy-nial* (post-Larry King)

This post was written prior to adding the videos. Thank you to torbenmiller2 for them!!
My video recorder was down, so I wanted to give a synopsis of the interview. However, even though the videos have been added, I am leaving the post up.

Thank you Cindy and George for not letting me down. The interview was just as I expected. Full of "spin-dy" , bullshit and denial.

George and Cindy made their appearance at the 30 minute mark of the show. When first shown, there was a small distance between them. After commercial break, they were close together, Cindy's hand on top of George's hand. Not in an affectionate type of way, but in a forced way.

The main focus of the show was, drum roll....Casey, the "smell", and the pizza.

Cindy started off the interview speaking of all the sleep and weight she and George have both lost.
Larry inquired about "Zanny" and why this would have happened. Neither had a straight answer for him.
Cindy immediately started portraying Casey as the perfect mother, and would never harm Caylee. She stated that Casey's main focus, as has been hers, "is finding Caylee".
Also, Cindy stated she received a tip at 4pm California time that there was another Caylee sighting in Tennessee today.
Whomever has Caylee must have a lot of money to be travelling from Orlando, to California, to Tennessee in the span of 2 weeks. PLEASE do NOT let me see Cindy Anthony or any Anthony, in my state. If I "spot" Caylee in TN, trust me, I will make sure NOT to call Cindy.

George replies he was "appalled", to Larry's question regarding Orlando LE arrest of Casey. George further stated that LE did not "do anything". NO Amber Alert, NO FBI involvement. George's statement, when broken down, is, Orange County did not contact the FBI HE wanted them to contact. George also throws out there that he "has a little bit of knowledge of some "stuff", and you would think that they (LE) would want (sic) have some one want them to have some assistance with trying to find this beautiful three year old little girl, and all I was trying to do was help them."

George, as much as I want to feel for you, you were a homicide detective over 20 years ago, in OHIO. Yes, you have some knowledge. You sure knew the smell of decomposition in Casey's car. But you were a used car salesman, as well. You are/were a security officer before your daughter came in and ripped your life apart. I think Orange County has all the resources they need to put together that Casey is a pathological liar, a thief, and a murderer. I just wish you could step back and see it, since you have so much knowledge. And on that subject, you should know why there was no Amber Alert, this case did not meet criteria. You know full well FBI was and still IS involved. I can not fathom why you lie. Yes, I can, you live with Cindy and Casey.

Back to the "sightings", Cindy is just mindboggled at why no one believes Caylee is alive. She adds, "How do you fight with someone who is sitting four feet from someone who looks just like Caylee, and they are positive it is Caylee?"

Excuse me, what the hell? What exactly does that mean, Cindy? How do you fight with whom? This is just another example of "Spindy". If I saw a little girl that looked like Caylee, I would not "take a photo and not turn it into the police, then wait four days and contact YOUR private investigator". If the evidence that has been released has not presented what it has, I can't really say what I would do if it were to happen. I would contact the police immediately, I know that. I imagine I may take a picture of the child, and the person(s) she was with, in case she were to leave before authorities arrive. I would also keep an eye on the child, observe interaction between the child and whomever they are with, and wait for the police to arrive to tell them what I have witnessed.

One caller asked Cindy why she changed her mind about the "smell" of the car. Cindy's reply was that she "didn't change her mind". She just did not know how bad garbage could smell after sitting for 19 days in the hot Orlando heat. She also stated that the towing company worker told her himself that "the smell came directly from the pizza in the trunk". George re-itterated the same answer.

Really, Cindy? Hmm. Did you read the evidence that states there was NO PIZZA in the trunk?
Cindy also said she has opened her refrigerator before and said, "Man, it smells like something died in there."
Sounds as if Cindy needs a maid in addition to a therapist.

George mainly sat quietly with his creepy grin and allowed Cindy do most of the speaking. When a caller, the second of only two, asked what he really felt about the smell in the car. His answer was just as Cindy's. It was the garbage and the pizza that was in the car.
Watch yourself, George, even if Cindy thinks lying is not against the law, perjury is.
Cindy piped in and said "..she saw the pizza."

I don't recall in the released documents Cindy was ever near the car at the tow yard during the "trash bag retrieval". She was too busy trying to lower the tow/impound bill.

I believe George forgets most of America has seen and heard his interviews with the FBI and Orlando LE.
Especially the OCSO audio interview, where George becomes physically ill, vomiting into the trash can in the office where the interview was being held. This occurring after George recalled the smell of the car and how he hoped in his heart, "Please, please, please, don't let this be my Caylee." That was just before the tow yard worker grabbed the bag and tossed it over into the dumpster. And, according to the tow yard worker, it did not land in the dumpster at that time, it landed beside it. It was after George and Cindy left that he put it in the dumpster. He states that the next morning, after hearing of missing Caylee on the news, when he arrived at the tow yard, he went to retrieve the trash bag from the dumpster and could not find it. Orlando LE had already retrieved the bag out of the dumpster at 4am that morning with a search warrant, before the tow yard worker arrived.

At one moment, Cindy mis-speaks and calls Casey "Caylee", stating that "Caylee is a wonderful mother."
Pot shots at Nancy Grace and Leonard Padilla were thrown out there. Not sure why that was necessary, only that Cindy always has to belittle someone. Her statement was that she gets "phone calls all the time saying that when Caylee returns, they (the callers) will never watch Nancy Grace again." I don't think Nancy will lose any sleep over that one.

To sum the interview up, Cindy and George think Casey is the most wonderful daughter and mother of the year. Caylee is alive. Law enforcement has not helped them one iota, and has been building a case against Casey since day two.

Well, Cindy, you have one out of five right.

Orange County Sheriff's Office released a statement to Larry King before the interview.

"From the beginning our desire was to find Caylee Marie Anthony alive and well. Unfortunately, evidence revealed that we are looking for a deceased child. The sheriff's office got involved because Cindy Anthony called us about her missing granddaughter. The resulting investigation led to a Grand Jury indictment of Casey Anthony of Murder in the First Degree. Our hearts go out to the Anthony's for the extremely hard time they are living through."

As Larry read the statement from OCSO, Cindy sat with a smirk on her face, then dropped her head at the mention of Casey and the indictment.

Most of the posters on Larry King's website/blog during the interview were posting negative comments regarding the Anthony's and how they are in denial and that Caylee is "not alive". There were a few positive comments for the Anthony's sending support for them.

The blog contains a personal message written by Cindy, dated today at 2:58pm. The blog is still open and can be found at
CNN Larry King Live: Blog

*Update: The blog is still up for viewing, but comments were closed before midnight due to overload.


ritanita said...

Perfect rendition of the interview!

I'm still gagging over the "smell of garbage" comments by George.

By George! He'll never be able to say that in court!

spoiledmom said...


Thank you very much!
"Absolutely" you are correct! And if he tries, he will definitley perjure himself!

Who in the world do they think they are fooling? Oh Lord I hope they do not come to my piece of Heaven here in TN with that sighting.

I would love for precious Caylee to be alive, but those of us that have strayed from the Kool-aid know better.

Oh how I want to take the water hose to Cindy, but on high pressure! LOL

Anonymous said...

"Like Cindy said..."
I'm going to use that line.

Cindy and George are demented.
And why would someone want to go to all of this trouble to kidnap this child? Also, why wouldn't a tipster, so "absolutely" positive they spotted Caylee, just grab her or at least ask a few questions?

spoiledmom said...


As Casey said in jail convo: "maybe somebody, anybody, that knows, is dumb enough to talk, to say something...."
Ummm wouldn't that have happened in the almost 6 months little Caylee has been missing?

These sightings are just a ploy for the Anthony's to keep thoughts out there that perhaps that one "potential" juror will think Caylee is out there. It only takes *one*, if they are not convinced otherwise, for a hung-jury.

I agree w/you also on these tipsters. I believe if I thought I saw Caylee, and knew in my heart, it was her, I would something. Even a resemblance, I would at least observe, then talk to whatever person the child is with, just strike up general conversation, but something to get information. And why would a "kidnapper" take Caylee out in public to the Florida Mall? To a McDonalds, where over half the children Caylee's age, at any given time, is there at the one in that city. Doesn' make sense.

Us Moms are quite the PIs on this stuff.. :)

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