We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Casey Anthony Saga: KioMarie Cruz Tells All; And Gets Paid- Again - to National Enquirer

WORLD EXCLUSIVE ENQUIRER INTERVIEW: Casey Anthony's best friend tells all!
"I could have saved Caylee Anthony's life. Her smiling little face will haunt me forever!"
That's the heartbreaking confession of Kiomarie Torres Cruz - best friend of accused murderess Casey Anthony, who police believe killed her 2-year-old daughter Caylee and discarded her like trash in a garbage bag.
In a blockbuster exclusive ENQUIRER interview, the 22-year-old travel agent, who's listed as a prosecution witness in Casey's upcoming murder trial, revealed shocking, never-before-disclosed details of the crime that broke America's heart.
Kiomarie reveals a key piece of information that the prosecution could use to establish motive: Casey never wanted Caylee. In fact, when she was pregnant, she agreed to give up the baby to Kiomarie to adopt the baby…but Casey's mom hated the idea and the plan was dropped.Kiomarie remained so close to Casey that Casey gave Caylee the middle name of Marie, in honor of Kiomarie. In a chilling disclosure, Kiomarie told The ENQUIRER that the area where a body presumed to be Caylee was found was a secret hideaway of Casey's, and that she had long used it as a pet cemetery.Kiomarie and Casey called that area The Zone - a secret place where as girls they would dress all in black and read prayers as they buried their dead pets.Way back in July, Kiomarie says she told police of her suspicions that Caylee's body might be found in The Zone. The cops investigated, but nothing was found in the thick brush until a meter reader stumbled across the remains December 11th.


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editor's note:

Real classy, that Kiomarie. I can see why she and Casey were best friends. What shocked me was that "the condom broke"... I figured Casey didn't have time to waste on a condom.
I have a hard time believing that KioMarie may have saved Caylee's life. She may have led LE to Caylee's remains if they had looked closer in the area in the beginning. Although, going back and reading everything that has been released from Kio-Marie, I still have a problem with her story. Even though she may be spot on in some things, she has several holes to account for. In one story she says she had not spoken to Casey since the deal for her to adopt Caylee went sour. And in one story, KioMarie states she spoke to Casey the week before her arrest. Then in another, she states she received a call from Casey the same week, but did not return it.

Another problem I have with KioMarie and I am sure the jury may as well, is that if this case is "something that has been so tragic in your life", as I am sure it has been upsetting to you, but how do you find the time to give paid interviews to the tabloids as you have.
It has been reported KioMarie has already received upwards of $50,000 for her interviews before Christmas. That's what a great friend would do.
Now, I ask, what would a friend that "actually cared for the child that was murdered do"? Hmm, how about keep your mouth shut until trial , so that you retain what little credibility you have to begin with.
Another person profiting off of the murder of this precious little girl.

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Anonymous said...

In all seriousness WHO isn't making money off the murder of this baby?? The family that was suppose to protect her are selling her soul!!

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