We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Is Casey Anthony Being Properly Defended?

Many attorneys and the general public alike seem to agree, that even though they want to see justice prevail for Caylee's murder, Casey may not be getting the defense in her own best interest. Why do we care? If Baez continues his blunders, it will guarantee Casey immediate grounds for appeals once the trial is over, if she is found guilty. The less mistakes by the defense, the fewer appeals on Casey's behalf.
The top two I am can see as of now are: "inadequate defense" and "misrepresentation of counsel", among a host of others. And the trial has not yet begun.

Richard Hornsby, criminal defense attorney, gives his expert opinion on the case in these videos:

video 1:

video 2:

video 3:

video 4:


Bobbie said...

What worries me, is how Jose continues to say "WE want Casey to have her day in court". The question is, "does Casey want to go to court"? Is Jose and the 'scream team' so intent on going to court for media & deals, that they are not going to tell her it probably would behoove her to take a plea? I wonder if the state will offer her a plea again?

spoiledmom said...

Good question, Bobbie. I do not know if Baez has even the ability to see past the media cameras, lights and "deals" that have come his way. His filing of motions seem so erratic. He has yet to file a change of venue, seemingly hoping that once the case goes to trial, it will have been so long that the public will have forgotten all the horrid details. I do not think anyone will forget any major detail of this case for a long while, if ever. And he must not know, "the internet is forver".
As far as pleas, I do not know if the State will offer any further "outs" for Casey. My own opinion is "no". Too little, too late, actually, "too many lies, and too much nothing". This girl is never going to break. The only tears she has shed have been for herself, and that was during her bond hearing.
I am anxious to see how many finger jabs to the eye she has to make at Caylee's memorial to water her eye.
Thanks for commenting and thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

Spoiled Mom - I agree. Do you think she'll be allowed to watch this memorial service? I heard last night that it depends on when her 'free' hour is. And, she can't take that hour when any other inmates are out. The jail has said they will do nothing to give her preferential treatment. I hope they keep their word. What a travesty -- she murders her todler and now wants to go to or view the memorial. She is a real piece of work, isn't she. I, for one, hope she has to spend the rest of her life in prison with absolutely no chance for parole. But, I'm so concerned that her 'scream' team, as someone called it, will find that one juror that will have some reasonable doubt, and she'll get off. She already has a large list of people, that she doesn't even know, sending her money for her 'treats' in jail. I don't get it. Why would anyone send her anything? --Elly

spoiledmom said...

@ Elly:

I feel the same as you. I hope she does not see the light of day ever again. I hope even more so that she does not see one second of Caylee's memorial.
Cindy is already making a spectacle of it as it is, in my opinion. I'm surprised she isn't charging $5 or more admission.
I, too, hope the jail keeps their word that they will not give Casey preferential treatment.
I can't help but wonder if there is not "someone" in the jail who is under "Casey's spell" that may try to assist her in watching.

What I really feel is that Jose will just happen to make a scheduled "attorney's visit" at that time and have his laptop that has already been approved for her use. There you go..there's her out and way to view the memorial. She can watch via livestream from the local stations in Orlando just as you and I will on the laptop.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Spoiled Mom, I hadn't thought of the laptop thing. There you go -- that's her way of viewing it! But she can't put on a show then except for Baez and I couldn't care less what he thinks. I sometimes think there's something funny going on between those two anyway. Remeber when she was out on bail and she was at his office every day from morning till night? What in the world would she be doing at her attorney's office every day? And then, he was reprimanded for hugging her in jail, not once, but twice. And have you noticed how she lights up when she sees him? She seems to have a way with men and he seems to be no exception. People keep saying she's pretty -- I must be blind because I just don't see it.

And as for Cindy not wanting anyone to video tape the service, why? It's going to be telecast and anyone can get a link to it anyway. That woman is nuts -- no wonder George has been having such a difficult time lately. I heard that they were going through extremely rocky times in their relationship anyway. Who could live with that controlling woman?

I just want this trial to happen and happen in Orlando and for her to be found guilty and the prison to throw away the keep to her cell. Can't happen soon enough for me. We just need to pray that she doesn't get out. What's to say she doesn't try this again on the next child she gives birth too? And I say, give birth, cuz she definitely was NO MOTHER. Mothers don't do this kind of thing. My hope is that the prosecution has lots of evidence -- forensic and otherwise -- that we don't know about so that no one could have any doubt as to her guilt. Sorry for my rant but I feel so passionate about this case. --elly

spoiledmom said...

Don't be sorry...you should see some of the posts I "haven't" posted. LOL

I feel there is a connection between Baez and Casey as well. I think she "needs" the fulfillment of a man in her life. Since she is behind bars, he is the next thing to a boyfriend. At her last hearing, they exchanged looks like two new, young lovers. Some say it wasn't there, but it was, all you have to do is watch the video. I don't know if George was not in her life as a "father figure", but I feel that is why she sought out that need by having all the boyfriends, being with the guys. As she says in one of her texts to Amy, "we need new boys". She is a very needy person. I am sure she fought Cindy for George's attention, and he seems to be the type that was not around the house a lot. When Caylee came, she had to fight for more attention, even though she was an adult, she was jealous of Caylee and the attention that Cindy and George gave to her. I believe one of two theories for this family. This family either holds deep seeded secrets or that Cindy is, has and always be, the controler of the house and Casey was/is a jealous, needy person with issues that have not been dealt with. Most women who crave attention from men have lacked that emotion in their life. They constantly keep searching for something to fill that void. Once they do find "someone", they then discard that person because they do not know how to handle the joy they are feeling. They then have to immediately go back to the "lonely void" feeling and begin again. A vicious cycle, but it happens, nonetheless. I so hope she is not able to watch Caylee's Memorial, unless, by doing so, it will affect her so much, she will confess and stop all the lying. I see that happening as much as I see myself winning the lottery....

Remember Caylee

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