We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Greta Gets Nasty with Padilla

Tonight, during the last ten minutes of her show, "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren", Greta had Leonard Padilla on as her next to final guest.

After Greta made her ratings for the night off of Caylee's possible remains being found, she fired at and made pot shots at Leonard Padilla for travelling to Orlando tomorrow.

Greta asked Padilla, in an almost pissed sounding tone,"What are you going to do down there?" Padilla answered that he had spoken to Richard Grund and wanted to meet with him and be with his family during this time.
Greta then asked "Who is Richard Grund??"
Are you kidding me?? What planet have you been on Greta?
Greta continued to push the matter with Padilla, to which he replied AGAIN, he wanted to meet with friends that he had made over the times he visited Orlando, and through the case. Also, maybe have dinner and talk about what has transpired.
Greta then made a face uglier than her normal one.
Imagine that she had just smelled a whiff of someone passing terrible gas. She then said to Leonard, "Oh well, I just think it odd, but, uh, it's your dime. And it will be uh, interesting to see what you do, Leonard, while down there."
She looks into the camera and says, "I'm admittedly confused."
Leonard in his "black hat" laid-back way, replies, "Well ask me and I'll clear it up for you."
Greta says, "I just did, and you said you were going to have dinner." "Okay, Leonard, we have to go, but um, we'll talk."
On the split screen, calm Lenny was just as cool as ever and replied, "You're welcome". All of this taking only 2 minutes.

What a bitch, Greta. I have never seen you treat a guest that way. Are you now sorry you left this story to the back burner and it has now become even more bizarre and complicated for you. How rude and obnoxious. I will not watch your show again after that little episode.
I assume you were thinking Padilla was going to Orlando to get air-time or something of the sort. Are you not the same?
You mentioned he did not know the family before all of this and now he was going back. Hey, Greta,here's a thought, did you know the Anthony family before you went on a tour of their home with them? Are you going back? What about your colleagues Geraldo and Craig? They get plenty of face time on this story.
I can not believe you did not even recognize the name of one of the players in the story, as Mr. Richard Grund. Well, yes I can, you haven't been following the story.
Why did you have Leonard on in the first place?
You made an ass out of yourself and I was embarrassed for you. You showed the real bitch you are.
You can't begin to compare to Nancy Grace or entwine the comments and dry humor that Nancy throws out to her guests, so don't try. Nancy may come off as rude at times, but those that are regular watchers of her show, know that is part of the show, not her.

Your comments tonight were your own. Your own bitchy and tactless self.

I used to enjoy your show and your different perspective, but over the past few weeks and after several comments you have made, I have decided I will practice what I preach, and to not turn Fox on again. The only reason I did in the past was for you, but no more, not after tonight.
You and Hasselbeck would make a great pair, now that I think about it.

Nancy is the Queen of this case, so do us all a favor and leave it alone.
Leonard has made more trips to Orlando, searched, covered and reported on the case, more than you can say, Greta. He lived outside the Anthony's home, for crying out loud.

You got your top story and ratings in the beginning and then dropped the story cold when it came to the elections.
Now tonight, you get another top story. Caylee may have been found. You were all over it.

Myself, I like to mix it up a little, but mostly, I like consistency, it's proven that is what works.
Why don't you try it?

Commercial break is over and you are repeating your "tour of the Anthony home" from 5 months ago. I Love how you stand there and not call out Cindy on her lies about the "inconsistent alerts" regarding the cadaver dogs. Both cadaver dogs, that hit on two different spots. In Cindy's mind, this meant that since both the dogs didn't hit on the "same spot" nothing was found. Wrong. But you just kept walking on with her, no hard questions, nothing. Why Greta? Why didn't you ask the questions? Guess I'll never know your version.

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