We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Caylee Anthony's Myspace Page Update; Cindy-nial; George Sets Up T-shirt Shop

Cindy in Cindy-nial Again; George Is Selling Caylee Search T-shirts; and Caylee's Remains May Be Cremated

*one of my few and far between "Rant Posts":

Cindy and George Anthony have set up shop on Caylee Anthony's myspace page to sell left over "t-shirts from the search for Caylee".

"Uncle Lee", whom I assume has taken over the site since moving back home, has set up the ruse as "people are asking how to get a shirt". I can not fathom why in the world someone would want a souvenir "Caylee Is Missing" or "Have You Seen Me?" t-shirt.

Am I the only one that finds this morbid, inappropriate, and just down right wrong? Nothing shocks me that comes from this family, but this just has taken it over the top for me.

It is almost as absurd as Casey Anthony wearing the shirts, emblazoned with Caylee's picture on them, to her six hour attorney visits every day while on house arrest. Casey, remember, was on house arrest due to charges for felony child neglect and giving false statements to law enforcement to hinder a police investigation. Casey also sported the t-shirts and the stolen sunglasses until evidence mounted, finally, to a grand jury indictment of first degree murder, of the death of her 2 year old child, to be held without bond.

Casey wearing a "Have You Seen Me?" t-shirt
on her way to Baez's office

Caylee's story was one, if not "the" largest news story of 2008, and is continuing into the first weeks of 2009. A search for a missing child - turned spectacle by the Anthony's themselves, who by the way, never walked for a minute in any of the searches for their granddaughter, Caylee.

This almost makes me think Cindy is comparing Caylee's story to those of high profile (Cindy's new catch phrase of late) events such as Elvis' Birthday every year, or perhaps a Rolling Stones reunion concert.

The case is so "high profile" the family is now considering to have Caylee's remains cremated because they fear of grave robbers. Yes, grave robbers. Cindy is afraid someone will dig up Caylee's remains and photograph them and sell the photos or steal the remains altogether.

To my knowledge, no one has tampered with Laci and Connor Peterson's grave site, Nicole Brown Simpson's, Anna Nicole Smith's, or Marilyn Monroe's for that matter. I have not heard of any graves being disrupted for profit, for that matter. I do not feel any of these cases are any more tragic than the other, Other than the fact, Laci and Connor, Caylee, and Nicole Brown-Simpson, were victims of homicide. Anna Nicole and Marilyn Monroe were tragic losses of Hollywood icons, however, no less tragic.

Cindy is still in "Cindy-nial", continuing to believe in and stand by her daughter, Casey. As well as stating as recent as two days ago, "Casey had nothing to do with Caylee's death". "It will be proved in court.."

Cindy says she doesn't want anyone "profiting off of Caylee". What exactly does Cindy consider this? The myspace post states to contact the trustee of the trust fund to "donate funds to the search". However, if you want a t-shirt or bracelet, you have to email George Anthony. Hmmm.....

The Anthony's still remain, albeit silently, in the spotlight, however, it seems their major concern remains to be financial. Instead of peddling t-shirts and bracelets, why not bury your granddaughter?

In my opinion, no style of shirt or item with Caylee's picture depicted as "missing" would be appropriate to be sold by the Anthony family, nor anyone. For financial gain or not, selling t-shirts that were printed before this precious child's skeleton was found, is reprehensible. It is also being reported that peddlers around the Disney area are profiting off of Caylee's image by selling buttons, pictures, etc.

Also, these t-shirts the Anthony's are generously providing for $10 eash, were previously paid for out of the "Caylee Search Fund" that was closed and is currently being investigated.

An invoice for the t-shirts, as well as a financial statement from the beginning of the case was once listed on the myspace page and is in the evidence documentation releases.

When I find the copy, I will update and post.

Link to Caylee is Missing Myspace page

screen shot of page:

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