We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Friday, January 30, 2009

*UPDATE*Casey Anthony: First Look at Hearing Appearace 1/31/09

Casey has appeared in the courtroom for the hearing today. She first entered the courtroom in her schackles, then Baez had her removed then brought back into the courtroom, sans handcuffs and shackles....

Casey is wearing a light grey "business-type" blazer and skirt, with her hair pulled back. Above is a still shot from the hearing.

Casey's appearance was changed, according to Baez, due to "potential jurors" that may be watching these hearings and it is prejudicial against his client, regarding her appearance. In error, Casey was not wearing a skirt, but only a blazer with her county issued pants. On my monitor, at the time Casey sat down, it appeared to be a blazer and skirt business suit. I was also having my port cleaned for my chemo treatment and trying to nudge the nurse out of the way..LOL

Sorry for the "mis-information" and any inconvenience it caused anyone.


Baez has permission to search the crime scene where Caylee's remains were found.

7:51am CST From the hearing: Someone please, at the very least, send Baez a copy of "Black's Law"...... he has a long way to go...

7:55am CST: Linda Kenny-Baden states that the submission of the complaint regarding Lawson Lamar to the Florida Bar was not made until "Defense started filing motions for the best defense of their client"... "When in fact the comment was made back in October of 2008."...
Hmm, Linda, the majority of motions filed by the defense were not made until January of 2009.

8:05am CST: Motion to Recuse Denied.....Prosecutors will remain on the case. Judge Strickland advised Defense Counsel that this was a matter for the Florida Bar and he would not involve himself in the motion.
Change of Venue Motion was discussed briefly. Defense states that the trial may not start until next year and it would be premature at this point to file the venue change motion.
Brad Conway spoke briefly on behalf of George and Cindy Anthony asking Judge Strickland to make his rulings prompt and fair. Baez had also brought up the fact that NeJame who is now representing Tim Miller and Texas Equusearch was once representing counsel for George and Cindy Anthony prior to Brad Conway. Judge Strickland will have his ruling on the documents from Texas Equusearch that Baez is requesting, later this afternoon.
This is a short summary of the hearing. I will post video for those who did not have the opportunity to watch and synopsis of the hearing momentarily.

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Anonymous said...

On Court TV, they said that Casey was wearing her jail pants with the blazer...FYI

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