We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Looking Back: Cindy Anthony's First Interview with Greta 7.21.08

Taking a look back to the early days of the case.

This is the first interview Cindy Anthony did with Greta VanSusteren. This must have been the last stop on Cindy's media blitz that day.

Before Greta has a chance to ask her first question, Cindy starts in by saying she is "running out of steam". Cindy does not want to "answer questions" because "she doesn't have the strength". When asked by Greta if Cindy has ever seen Zanny, Cindy replies she "has never seen God, but I know He is there". Greta also mentions the time line and Cindy dances around the question stating that she doesn't know about the timeline and can not think about it at that time.
Cindy continues to say she doesn't have the strength or the time "to answer stupid questions". She only wants to get Caylee's picture "out there".
Keep in mind, this is the beginning of the Cindy we have come to know. This interview was only 6 days after the first 911 call alerting authorities to Caylee's disappearance.
Near the end of the interview, in grand Cindy fashion, Cindy tells Greta that she is out of strength and cannot answer anymore questions, but if Greta wants "sensationalism", Cindy will collapse on to the floor, if Greta wants.

I find it fascinating to re-view these early interviews, hearing and seeing the inconsistencies as well as all of the "mistruths" Cindy has told and to watch her scurry to cover them up.

One last note, in this interview, Greta asks Cindy if Cindy has ever said that Casey has told her what has happened to Caylee. Cindy replies that she does not know and that "her words have been twisted in the media". In the later interview with Greta, where Greta interviews George and Cindy inside their home, Cindy states that she, in fact, does know what transpired with Caylee and she cannot reveal what she knows. (I am posting a link to those videos in the sidebar.)

Another video: "Cindy's Interpretation of "Close to home"

Cindy Reveals Why She Missed Her Court Date with Casey: 8.4.08
Also includes Phil Keating on location in Orlando

CSI returns to Anthony home after initial search 8.6.08

Greta VanSusteren courtesy Fox News
Studio B w/Shepard Smith courtesy Fox News

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