We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Casey Anthony Saga: State Drops Investigation of Baez--PR Firm Lashes Out At Media

From WFTV website: (original story by WFTV Baez and Black refers to is below)

Baez PR Firm Issues Scathing Release After State Drops Investigation
The following release was emailed to WFTV by Press Corp Media on the afternoon of Tuesday, January 27, 2009:

The Florida Bar made the right decision by throwing out the absolutely ridiculous whining complaint by the State Attorney - just as with this communication Press Corps Media was solely responsible for a Media Release offering the observation that the only reason a grand jury was convened (at the time that it did) was because of the elections this past November. The State Attorney knew very well that attorney Jose Baez never made such a statement, but also knew that Press Corps Media is not under the thumb of the Florida Bar, so they decided to try to attack a totally innocent individual. Mr. Baez didn't deserve that, just as he hasn't deserved the filthy personal attacks by various media.
Orlando Channel 9 is the Poster Child for the "Deterioration of Journalism" and it's not surprising to see that station so quickly bury a POSITIVE story about Mr. Baez on their web site, but other media outlets are not exempt from their negative reporting, and shameless personal attacks.
In our 34 years of working with attorneys on high pressure cases, never have we witnessed such disgusting media conduct, and as Press Corps Media continues its proud work in behalf of The Baez Law Firm on Casey Anthony matters, all we can hope for is that reporters and News Directors try to remember that ETHICS AND PROFESSIONALISM is what was taught in journalism school, not blood-thirsty ratings. You have a child's life lost, you have another young adult life awaiting a serious trial, and you have a loyally dedicated and smart attorney that all deserve consideration and respect.
Thank you,
Todd Black PMK
Original Story Ran By WFTV News 1/22/09:
Eyewitness News has uncovered details of two investigations by the Florida Bar Association into Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez. One involves how Baez advertised himself and the other deals with making false statements against public officials.
Casey Anthony's defense team has sent out dozens of media releases throughout the case and some include accusations against the state attorney and prosecutors. Sources tell Eyewitness News it may be a violation of Florida Bar rules and now Jose Baez could get in trouble with the Bar.
VIDEO REPORT: Baez Under Investigation/BAEZ SPEAKS: Complains About Media Coverage
The Bar has confirmed it has two open investigations. The first involves Jose Baez's PR firm, Press Corp Media, run by Todd Black. In the past, Baez's spokesperson has released statements to the media about State Attorney Lawson Lamar and prosecutors.
In one release, it states, "Lawson Lamar is facing tough opposition and having a missing baby is a perfect springboard for free commercial time." Another release states, "The prosecution has manipulated and shamelessly used the media in the reporting of false distorted … evidence."
Sources told Eyewitness News officials are looking into whether or not Baez violated a rule that states lawyers can't make false statements about judges or legal officials.
The second investigation deals with Baez possibly violating advertising rules, where he claimed to have more credentials and experience than he really did.
The two complaints are in addition to an informal complaint made to the State Attorney's Office. Sources told Eyewitness News there are allegations that Baez maybe using entertainment deals to fund his defense team.
On Wednesday, Baez denied that (watch full press conference).
"To be honest, I have been a target of numerous complaints," Baez said in an early evening news conference Wednesday. "They're just people's wild accusations and the Florida Bar has to investigate them."
WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said, if the Bar found probable cause, Baez would probably only receive a letter of advisement. The spokesperson for the State Attorney's Office would not confirm or deny if the complaint came from them.

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