We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Friday, January 23, 2009

Casey Anthony Saga: George Anthony Hospitalized-UPDATE

*new update 1/23/09 below

I have been undergoing treatment all day, apologies for the lag in updating the blog. However, I have been watching the situation with George via laptop and have been debating all morning on how much to report on this matter. Due to the fact it is news, I have decided to post an update. I will not post any images, they are all on the news sites.

Those that have read my entire blog, know that suicide is something that my family has had to endure. For that reason, I am not posting images of George from this situation. I feel he does deserve respect and privacy. I hope that George continues to receive the medical attention he deserves and pray that George progresses through this sad and unfortunate situation.
None of us have any idea what this man has had to endure over the last six months, not to mention the time before that.

Godspeed, George.

-Updated 1/23/09; 3:30 CST:

Friday, a hospital spokeswoman said George was first stabilized and was then admitted for medical evaluation. She said he has been fully cooperative with hospital officials, and it will be up to physicians to determine how long he will stay at the hospital. Although, under the Baker Act, it could be as long as 72 hours.
A doctor determined that George was stable enough to be moved to a regular room at the hospital. As of this posting, none of the Anthony family has visited George according to hospital staff.

Daytona Beach Police Chief Michael Chitwood said George sent text messages to his family that he wanted to end his life. Chitwood said George told him that there was a lot of pressure on him and he needed to think.
George was Baker Acted, or involuntarily taken to Halifax Medical Center. He was personally driven to the hospital by the police chief.

No drugs or weapons were found inside his room at the Hawaii Motel on South Atlantic Avenue early Friday morning.
George had other items with him at the hotel but the details of those items are not being released. They are being turned over to the Orange County Sheriff's Office.
"We do know George Anthony is saying I don't want to live anymore," Chitwood said.

A jail spokesperson said Casey Anthony is aware of what happened overnight with her father. "She was told about the situation this morning by Corrections Health Services Staff," the spokesperson said.

The Corrections department does not release any information about the demeanor or reaction of any inmate in their custody.

The jail does confirm that Casey bought a transistor radio weeks ago and it is possible she could be listening to media outlets on the device.

The 911 call as well as other media can be found by clicking on: WOFL Fox 35


George Anthony was found alone, in an altered state of mind and apparently, suicidal, at a Volusia County motel early Friday morning after he was reported missing.

Six months after missing persons investigators were called to the Anthony home to help find Caylee, they were called there again to find George. The call was made just before 11:00pm Thursday after George sent text messages to the family saying he wanted to be with his granddaughter, Caylee, and to make sure she was in God's arms.

George was coaxed into a Daytona Beach police car early Friday morning and taken to Halifax Medical Center for psychological evaluation. Police described him as melancholy and despondent, but also cooperative. They found his car parked in the parking lot of the Hawaii Motel on Ridgewood Avenue and found him in his room.

"The Orange County Sheriff's Office came out immediately. They located George Anthony in Volusia County using GPS and his telephone. George is okay, thank God," Anthony family attorney Brad Conway told Eyewitness News (watch interview with Conway).

Conway said George left his home at 8:00am Thursday and never came back. He missed a 4:00pm meeting at the house, but his text messages around 10:45pm Thursday really worried his family.

George messaged that he wanted to be with Caylee to make sure she was in God's arms. Investigators said they also found a half-written suicide note in George's car, which was driven back to the house Friday morning.

Conway said Cindy is very relieved that George is okay. "She's good. George is safe and he's with us, so it's all good," Conway said.

Cindy has not left the house since the sheriff's office arrived late Thursday night. George's breakdown comes just days after new documents revealed grim details surrounding Caylee Anthony's death.

Contrary to previous reports, no one has visited George at the hospital. Casey has been notified of the situation and the status of her father. As of this posting, George is listed in stable condition and could be held up to 72 hours per the Baker Act.

For more on this story visit WFTV.com and Fox35 Orlando

If you, or someone you know is dealing with thoughts of suicide please visit this website for help. For help on dealing with the loss of a child visit: Compassionate Friends.org

For those in the Florida area please read information regarding the Baker Act, pertaining to mental health issues and the public.

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