We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Casey Anthony's Lies: Have Bloggers Uncovered "Zenaida Gonzales"?

The murder investigation of two year old Caylee Anthony continues to reveal more bizarre twists and turns than a well written crime novel. Casey Anthony may have thought her lies and decision not to cooperate fully with law enforcement delayed the finding of her daughter Caylee's remains. However, they have not hindered the investigation of the murdered toddler, Caylee. Casey assumed her lies were buying her time, but evidently she did not expect to have such excellent criminal investigators, law enforcement , news reporters, and the general public fighting hard against her to bring justice for Caylee.
That is why it was such a slap in the face when Cindy and George Anthony began to bad mouth law enforcement. They remarked on Larry King: Live, December 10, 2008, that the FBI had NOT been involved in the case, and that law enforcement was not dedicated to the case.
Orlando law enforcement, Florida Bureau of Investigation, the FBI, as well as news reporters Kathi Belich and Jessica D'onofrio have uncovered Casey's lies faster than she could make them up. OCSO and their CSI and team of investigators have worked exhaustive hours on this case. Kathi and Jessica have had exemplary breaking stories on the case and are to be commended for their hard work.
As mentioned, the general public has gotten involved with the investigation. Whether from keeping up to date with details of the case, to performing their own sleuthing, everyone consumed with the case, myself included, has become a type of "arm chair detective".
We have all come together for one main cause: Caylee Anthony.
Casey silenced Caylee, and now, we want to be her voice.
Incredible research and investigating collectively by the bloggers following the case has produced an amazing theory. If it holds correct, it could be a potential bombshell for the prosecution.
You decide, coincidence or Casey's pathological, twisted game play?
Was the name that Casey Anthony used for the nanny, Zenaida Gonzales, also code for the area where Caylee Anthony’s body was dumped then her remains later found?
Through recent research by bloggers at "Scared Monkey's", "Zenaida Gonzales" is not only the name of the fictitious nanny, whom Casey Anthony told authorities kidnapped her 2 year old daughter, Caylee. Zenaida Gonzales is also the location where Caylee's remains were found, "in a backwards sort of way".

The area where Caylee's remains were found is in the area of 4701 and 4709 Hopespring Drive.
A reverse address search using White Pages, provides the following information:
4701 Hopespring Drive:

Recall Casey saying there could be different variations on the spelling of "Gonzales"? Two are listed above.

Search results for: 4709 Hopespring Drive
From the "Scared Monkey's" website:

Did Casey Anthony give Lee Anthony cryptic messages in a jail house telephone conversation on July 26, 2008?

Was Casey telling Lee where she dumped the body or was she playing a sick game of leaving clues that no one was picking up on?

As first discussed HERE in the forums of Scared Monkeys.net, persons with the last names Zenaida and Gonzales are the individuals who live on the land plots that back up to the location where the skeletal remains were found of little Caylee Anthony.

The location where Caylee's remains were located, depicted by purple marker, in comparison to 4701 & 4709 Hopespring Drive:

CASEY: I know but there are some things that I have told them that were misconstrued and not used to their benefit. I gave them the same resources that I gave you and you found out a hundred more things then they did. And they were given the same information. So it’s just about the approach I guess and using the resources to their full extent. Again I’m everybody’s biggest resource; you have said that, Jose has said that, mom and dad have said that.

LEE: Right but at the same time we still we just need to figure out how we can be clear on what ever we’re giving to them, so even if we have to you know speak very direct or we can’t really speak in generalities with them, with anybody is what I’m finding out . Or if we tell them I’m not completely sure on the spelling or I’m not completely sure on this or that. They take everything exactly up front to the ‘T’. Exactly how you provide it. So if it’s off at all they don’t even think to look in any other areas….

Hopespring and Suburban, to a “T” :

CASEY: That’s why I gave them things multiple times. Each officer I gave the same information at least two or three times, I’ve done the same thing with you, the same thing with mom, the same thing with Jose. Everyone has the same information, same spelling, same names. None of that has altered because that’s it
LEE: What do you think, where do you think. You think Caylee’s ok right now?
CASEY: My gut feeling? As mom asked me yesterday and even Jose asked me last night, the psychologist asked me this morning that I got through the court, um in my gut she’s still ok. And it still feels like she’s close to home.
The tax records for the addresses of 4701 Hopespring Dr. and 4709 Hopespring Dr.
In a previous statement from Kiomarie Torres-Cruz, she states that the only "Gonzales individual" she knows is "a Hispanic woman that lives right down the street from us, but does not baby sit children".
Kiomarie's interview:

Great work and great sleuthing, Monkey's! Continue the great work. You have great bloggers as well as an awesome site.
By those of us blog reporting, researching, and comment blogging, collectively, we will continue to be the voice of Caylee.
That said, hopefully the State of Florida will provide an even louder voice and bring justice for Caylee, by finding Casey guilty on all counts.

Forum: http://scaredmonkeys.net/

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Anonymous said...

This poor child has been used as a pawn not only in her own family but by many other's who are directly linked to her including the State of Florida. The longer they postpone the more money in their greedy pockets. Shame on Florida, not only is the LE agency in Orange County lazy but they're an embarrasment, that baby should've been laid to rest a month ago, and found months ago. Shame on you Florida, you're about 20 yrs behind times, no sense of urgency to do anything. Shame! This case will go down in history as one of the most backward, and will be put in the books of what NOT to do for future ref.

Remember Caylee

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