We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Caylee Anthony Memorial Being Scheduled; Experts Read Casey Anthony's Body Language During Court Appearance

George and Cindy Planning Funeral and Memorial Services /
Body Language Expert Analyzes Casey's Court Appearance

Brad Conway, George and Cindy Anthony's attorney said Friday the family hopes to know by the middle of nest week, when Caylee's remains will be released by the Casey Anthony's defense team. Once the family knows that, they'll set some dates for a private and public memorial.
Two year old Caylee Anthony was reported missing in June last year, her remains were found in December. Her mother, Casey is jailed charged with her murder.

VIDEO: Anthony’s planning memorial for Caylee

VIDEO: Body language expert looks at Casey Anthonys court appearance

While not much has been seen on George and Cindy Anthony in public since Caylee's remains were found and identified, Conway said Caylee's grandma, Cindy has been pretty busy behind the scenes this week. "She's finally been able to start working on some plans in regards to the public service,” Conway said. “Music, flowers, possible venues for it.”

While nothing is certain yet, Conway said the Anthony's have made one thing clear; Leonard Padilla, the bounty hunter who was in and out of the case on several occasions, will not be invited nor admitted.

However, Padilla was welcomed with open arms when he posted her bond the first time. The Anthony's turned on Padilla when he started to uncover the truth and when he stated on TV that he had regrets in posting bail for Caylee. Padilla had hoped Casey would lead him to Caylee. After she was released from jail and confined to her home with an electronic monitoring device, she remained silent, even to Padilla, to whom she stated that she would aid in the search for Caylee if he posted her bond. Casey made daily 6 hour or longer visits to her attorney, Jose Baez during this time. Padilla continued his own investigation into the case, along with evidence from OCSO. He has made comments concerning the case on numerous talk shows, which has resulted in an ongoing feud between the Anthony's and Padilla.

Conway says the Anthony’s took some time out Thursday to watch coverage of the motions hearing when they heard Casey was going to be in the courtroom. It was the first glimpse the Anthony's had of their daughter Casey since her last arrest in October. "They were glad they got to see her," said Conway. Conway said George and Cindy are concerned about Casey, "They're worried about her,” Conway said. “They love her and they stand behind her and want to know the truth. She looked okay to them...as well as she could look."

"As well as she could look.." Casey looked very "healthy" to me. Although longer in length, Casey's hair appeared well cared for and styled for an inmate. Her commissary purchases show purchases of "better" hair products, including shampoo and conditioner, pony tail holders, cocoa butter body cream, and other beauty aids. She also maintains a weekly purchase of "junk food" such as pork rinds, peppermint "starlite mints", hot fries, chips, as well as an assortment of candy bars and juice drinks. Casey also has a transistor radio in which to keep up with the latest music and "possibly" , Orlando's radio news channel.

Conway was in the hearing Thursday. He also attended a hearing earlier in the day to keep an eye on the civil case Zenaida Fernandez Gonzales has filed against Casey.

Gonzales' attorneys said Thursday they are getting ready to file paperwork to depose George and Cindy Anthony. Conway said he's not worried. "I’m going to be dealing with that in front of the court,” Conway said. “I will be filing paperwork with Judge Rodriguez next week.”

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