We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Friday, January 9, 2009

Caylee Anthony: Legal Analyst Describes Mysterious Video By Private Investigators Of Crime Scene

Legal analyst, Bill Sheaffer, has viewed the video showing a private investigator for the Anthony family talking on the phone and digging with a shovel at the scene where Caylee's body was later found. That private investigator was caught on camera, but until Bill Sheaffer had a chance to view it, few details were known about what the video showed.

"He was digging in the soil. He had a probe that he was probing in the soil. He was also picking up items at the crime scene and tossing them aside," legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said Friday

Sheaffer said the Anthony's' private investigator, Dominic Casey, picked up what appeared to be a blanket at the scene and tossed it aside and that it did not appear Mr. Casey and his colleague, private eye Jim Hoover, who was behind the camera, were doing a random search.

Sheaffer said Mr. Casey appeared to be focused on areas where there was a configuration of stones or concrete pavers, not just at the crime scene, but also at what appeared to be an abandoned back yard where Mr. Casey was actually digging.

"Mr. Casey was digging in the area, actually digging with a garden shovel, in an area where it appeared to be a black plastic bag sticking out of the earth," Sheaffer said.
Sheaffer said it was obvious Mr. Casey knew the camera was rolling because he was actually directing Mr. Hoover on where to shoot.

Sheaffer said, back at the scene the second day, Mr. Casey was probing the ground with a metal rod and not just superficially but deeply enough that he could have destroyed evidence.
"It was a metal probe and if he hit the skull or the bones of that skeletal remains he could have fractured it, he could have otherwise altered it and it would have thrown the whole forensic examination of the bones off," he said.

Questions remain about who Mr. Casey was talking to at the scene on the phone and who told him where to look and what to look for.

updates pending.....
video courtesy WFTV Orlando

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