We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Friday, January 16, 2009

Casey Anthony: Its All About ME, ME, ME

An outtake from the "lost jailhouse visit video" released Thursday.

In this snippet, Casey shows her true colors, balling her fists and wanting to hang up the phone and stomp off. An act of punishing her parents. It also shows Casey demanding her parents to let "her" talk, and then whining she wants to come home.

Casey is nothing but a whiny, pathological lying, psychopath, with narcissistic tendencies and if nothing else, this footage proves it.

Cindy handles her with kid gloves, as it seems she always has. Casey plays George against Cindy by wanting to talk to him. George falls right into her trap as well, passively speaking to her as to not upset her. By this time, it seems as if Caylee is just a fleeting thought to Casey.

............."Me, Me, Me"

I am sure all Caylee wanted to do was go home that night. To think of how long Caylee's remains had been lying in those woods at the time of this video makes me sick. Just knowing Casey knew the entire time, and yet she still can throw a tantrum and act as if nothing happened. I can not fathom the mentality of a person who can harm their child. Casey's mentality goes beyond that, especially in this video. When I think of these things, it literally makes me sick at my stomach. With evidence like this, it doesn't matter how much I "know", all it takes is "one person" to change the outcome of Casey's trial and her life. That one person would have to be on Casey's mental level to not realize what this monster of a mother has done.


imjacobsmom said...

I know that the thought of that "one juror" is frightening. Yesterday on NG they were discussing Lee's immunity. That thought is frightening, too. Micky Sherman said that Lee could go on the stand and admit to the crime - Casey could walk free and he would have immunity....yikes!

spoiledmom said...


That thought horrifies me. Even though the majority of people I speak to about the case, the emails I recieve, along with the national-level consensus, there is the possibility of that "one juror". Look at the people sending money for her commissary-more than her parents have provided her. Albeit, some are out of state, there are a few in the Florida area.
Hopefully the jury will consist of mainly women with children and older-grandfatherly types. I also have a post on my blog, if you haven't seen it, discussing the different types of immunity. At this time, Luka is hoping for Lee to be subponeaed to give Lee "use immunity". Too lenghty for "comment section", but the post is informative..(from my research and "trying to remember those days in class"...heh) Post also contains a clip from Nancy Grace's Wednesday episode where they were discussing it as well.

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