We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Monday, January 12, 2009

Caylee Anthony: The Kenny-Baden's Insert Foot In Mouth On Geraldo..Hmmmm **UPDATED** video

Linda Kenny-Baden of "Dream Team" Views PI Video Prior To State's Discovery Release and How Does Micheal Baden Know The State of Caylee's Remains, and Why Is He Discussing It On National TV With Geraldo?
see update below.

The PI videotape of the November scene of where Caylee's remains were found in December is the topic of conversation between Geraldo and his panel of experts.

At the beginning of the broadcast, Geraldo had "Exclusive Footage" of the private investigators' videotape of the area, filmed in November, that they claim to be the exact are where Caylee's remains were found in December. When time came to "send the tape down the pipe"...Geraldo had to cut to commercial. Seems like PI Hoover wanted a "King's Ransom" for the rights to the videotape. After commercial break, the panelists and Geraldo watch the tape themselves and "describe" what they are looking at. Geraldo can barely manage the teleprompter much less having to ad-lib, or "describe" anything.

Linda Kenny-Baden also makes a statement, that this is the first time she has viewed the video herself. Well, Linda, I wonder why? The prosecution hasn't admitted it into evidence as of yet, it is still being investigated by police. Wonder if you just inserted "foot in mouth"? I'll keep the footage I have of your statement, in case anyone needs it. If Baez wanted to use the video as proof someone else put the body there, my thoughts are, you just blew any hopes of that with that statement and by viewing the video prior to state's release of discovery.

Also, of interest, in part 5, the final installment, Michael Baden, husband of defense co-counsel, Linda Kenny-Baden, describes, in a hypothetical way, Caylee's remains. We are smarter than you take us for, Baden. Makes one wonder, since he is not on the "dream team of experts", how does he know this information if the photos and all media, video and written, was ruled Thursday to be intended for defense and their experts only. Makes you go hmmmm....

update: 1/11/09 Seems like the Anthony's got one up on Hoover's peddling of the video. As it turns out, since Hoover, as well as Dominic Casey was employed by the Anthony's, at the time the video was taken, it is actually property of the Anthony's, and Hoover is not entitled to one cent. Along with their attorney, Brad Conway's approval, George and Cindy authorized Geraldo to air portions of the video. Brad Conway was also a guest on Sunday's show.
I will post Sunday's show featuring the video as soon as I can.

(this is not my taping of the show, apologies for quality. All I could find for posting at this time)

Saturday's show 1/10/09
part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

part 4:

part 5: (with Michael Baden Dicussing Caylee's Remains with Geraldo)

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