We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bloggers Uncover More Zenaida Gonzalez Theories

Those Scared Monkey Bloggers are at it again! Kudos to them! (and something tells me, they are not so "scared".)

Through my pile of research notebooks and getting lost in the Wonderful World of Chemo-land, those Monkeys are keeping one banana ahead of me. Sometimes, an abundance of monkeys are better than one. I, on the other hand, am just an "army of one", with a 14 year old assistant (at times). But good bloggers don't hate, they spread the love and the story. Not like some who just copy the article and then post, (copy-paste post in blogger speak) as though they took the time and effort to come up with all the research all on their own without a credit to anyone but themselves.

SpoiledMom doesn't roll that way.

I get extremely excited for all the new theories our bloggers reveal during their endless research. Especially if it is something that I also have in draft working on diligently.

Annie Downing and Zenaida Gonzales.

I have been researching these two mysterious players in the case since the beginning, and have the sleepless nights, piles of highlighters, notebooks and Office Depot receipts to prove it.

Seems that Annie Downing and Zenaida Gonzales,along with having the misfortune of being associated with Casey Anthony, also have terrible driving habits.

I am sure you are as flabbergasted as I to hear that Team Casey, headed by spirit captain, Cindy, and co-captain, Brad Conway, continues to imply that "Zenaida Gonzales", but not "the one John Morgan is representing" is involved in the kidnapping, murder, and disposal of 2 1/2 year old Caylee Anthony's remains one quarter mile from their home.

Perry Mason would have had this one solved in an hour, thirty minutes tops with Matlock for co-counsel. However, I think Baez and Casey are playing the new CSI: Las Vegas Orlando DVD game and watching Andy Griffith reruns, or perhaps, Night Court.

Since ScaredMonkey's has already hit the "publish button" on their post, I will pass theirs on to you.
When I have mine all proofed and shiny, I will post mine as well.

Again, great work Monkeys! SpoiledMoms and Spoiled Scared Monkeys think alike! :)
From the ScaredMonkey's website:

Although listed as a witness for the Prosecution, see Witness List, released by the State’s Attorney’s office on January 11, 2008, Annie Leigh Downing’s Interview with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office has never been made public. Her cell phone records and any IM or text messages between her and Casey Anthony have also never been made public although other witnesses have.

Failure To Yield

That may be the gross understatement of the year describing Casey Anthony. But in this scenario, it is actually a traffic citation, one of two, given to a Zenaida Gonzalez, on May 24, 2008.

No, Not The Best Driving Record.

Annie Downing also had a rough couple months this Spring in the traffic area. On March 30, 2008, she received two citations. One for speeding, 15-19 mph over the speed limit, and another citation for not producing her driver’s license and proff of insurance. While the presentation of those documents on April 18 cleared that part of the citation, the speeding ticket remained open on her record until two "online requested", and subsequently granted, extensions later on July 1, 2008. Why do we care? The same offenses appear on the copy of "Zenaida's" citation, dated for the same day, for "Zenaida".

Co-inky-Dink or Something Other

There are only 3 plausible scenarios where a material witness in a homicide case whose statement has been withheld, and a woman with the name at the center of the linchpin of Casey Anthony’s defense get traffic citations on the same day. Throw in the tidbit that Casey met Tony Lazzarro for the first time at a party that same evening, and you have what appears to be in retrospect, the beginning of the omen for Caylee. To be able to best portray the relevance of the above ZG incident as compared to known relevant dates in this case, I offer the following three theories with accompanying timeline.

Theory 1: Casey is using Zenaida as an alias

Under this scenario, which I personally believe may be the case, Casey is driving and Annie is in the car with her on May 24. Casey had been in an accident on May 14, 10 days earlier in her own vehicle and did not have it back yet. She gets pulled over, and because she did not have a valid license, gives the Officer the name Zenaida Gonzalez . Annie provides proof of insurance as it is her car, thus why no charge of failure to produce both documents. Under Florida Law, requiring both front seat passengers wear seat belts, Annie gets that citation.

Notably, although the incident was May 24, that summons is not filed until June 6, as opposed to Zenaida’s which were filed 6/2/08 and 6/3/08 respectively. Was “ZG” given a window to present ID to drop that charge as Annie did in her unrelated 3/30/08 incident? Was the seat belt charge added on because the officer on duty when it kicked back realized she did not comply?

Evidence to Support Theory: Operating without a Valid License

What is important to note in the above docket is that the case updated on 6/3/08 to require an arraignment, now scheduled for 6/11/08, indicating the lag for the subject to have produced ID.

The subject is required to appear in person. This issue will bring the second summons issued to ZG that day into focus significantly.

*SpoiledMom's note: Also on this docket, "Annie" did not comply with the payment arrangment schedule, therefore causing her driver's license to be suspended on 1/12/2009. She more than likely recieved that letter via mail, oh about 2 or 3 days ago. Fines were also posted and charged monthly for non-payment..

Also, this docket does not match the financial records of the Citation:

There is a status change to “prosecutorial” on 8/18/08 which does not appear on the front docket. The only reference is located in the charge docs. I was aware of this Zenaida case record in July. It actually went delinquent on 8/20/08 and I found this important as Casey was incarcerated then and I was suspicious of the connection. I brought it to the attention of a source in Orlando, and I advised the source if there was anything to this issue relative to Casey’s case, someone had better do something to stop a bench warrant from being issued or the press would be all over it. Upon checking the next day it had been corrected retroactively to reflect the $100 payment on 8/15/08. Which consequently would cover the next 2 months payments, or through October 15, 2008. Casey was indicted on October 14 and returned to prison. None of the payments on this summons were made online, therefore there is no public receipt available. It was not until I began researching other known witnesses against the Zenaida connection that I found the Annie Downing record for the same date.

Failure to Yield Status

The relevance of this ticket, which was paid in full on 6/10/08, in person, is critical. Why would this Zenaida show up to the Clerk’s Office the day before her scheduled mandatory arraignment and pay one citation in full that did not require a court appearance? Is it possible she showed up and agreed to pay that one in full and plead no contest to the other so as to not have to appear the next day? The docket says defendant was present with counsel, but there is no counsel listed, which would be mandatory. I attempted to get a transcript of this case proceeding, but was told due to the prosecutorial status, I could not. Who shows up to pay the ticket in full, appears at the arraignment, makes one payment and skips out on $260? My best guess is someone that is facing something far worse.

On August 23, 2008, Annie Downing paid the $71.50 for the seat belt violation. It contains her method of payment so I have not referenced the receipt. The penalty for a seat belt fine is $30 in Florida. Because she would be responsible for another person in the front seat, if it was her car, the ticket references the “driver” for both. A $60 fine for both seat belts plus tax and court fee of $11.50, sounds correct at $71.50. There is no other way to explain the amount of that fee for that summons.

Timeline of Events Theory 1

This is a lot of data to look at. While extremely compelling on it’s own, if you review the timeline against known events in the case against Casey Anthony, it is the totality of that evidence that forms this theory.
  • 05/24/08 - Casey gives false info as ZG when getting a traffic ticket, does not produce ID
  • 05/30/08 - Casey visits Jesse Grund at Arbor villas, did she ask him for help through OPD?
  • 06/ 03/08 - Summons changes to criminal traffic, arraignment scheduled 6/11/08. Notice sent.
  • 06/09/08 - An office belonging to a Zenaida Gonzalez, is burglarized and her computer stolen. This is also the original date that Casey gives for Caylee’s abduction by Zenaida. Casey and Caylee sleep at Ricardo’s that night. Is this the night she took her home in the middle of the night?
  • 06/10/08 - Casey/Zenaida pays the moving violation fine in full, in person, presumably makes arrangements for the other in an effort to not have to appear.
  • 06/11/08 - Unknown if she actually appeared posing as Zenaida, but court docket updated.
  • 06/12/08 -Forensic Computer Evidence located on Casey’s computer show she was searching on a Zenaida and a myspace profile.
  • 07/15/08 – Casey writes herself a check for $250 cash and cashes it at the downtown Bank of America at 1:24PM. A payment is made on this summons as this is the due date of $50 cash, in person. It should be noted there are 16 closer Bank of America locations that also have bank tellers, and 50 locations within a 17 mi le radius. She chose this one, as it is less than a block from the Orange County Clerk’s Office, where the payment was made. Cindy finds Casey through Amy.
  • 08/15/08 - Payment was delinquent, then updated to reflect a $100 payment retroactively.
  • 08/18/08 - A copy fee of $4.00 is assessed to the account and status changed to prosecutorial
  • 12/10/08 - Default Notice Issued
  • 1/9/09-1/13/09 - Warrants Issued
Visit ScaredMonkeys.com for more information on this story!

Again, ScaredMonkeys, great job on breaking this theory! Maybe we need to compare notes... :)

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Michelle said...

I almost get it, except for one thing...At the point that Casey made the payment in person, she was well known to law enforcement. It was August, right? They would have known she was not Zenaida, plus I'm sure there are cameras, so she would be on tape?


spoiledmom said...


Yes it is a tangled web of a hot mess! That is what I thought when I first started researching.

On the date you mention, 8/18/08, there was a payment made. It couldn't have been Casey, we know that for sure. There was also a copying fee assesed on 8/18/08 for $4.00 and that was paid on the same date. That 8/18/08 date is also the same date that the docket phase was changed to "prosecutorial".

On the same records (for Zenaida) the payment made on 7/15/08, is the same day Casey withdrew the $250.00 from Amy's account and the same day that Cindy picked Casey up from Tony's apartment.

All of this is too long for "comments" section.
But, re-read the theories, and study the copies of the docket for Annie, and also for "Zenaida"..
notice the suspension of Annie's driver's license as well...

more questions? leave me a comment! :) Thanks for reading!

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