We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Casey Anthony: Week in Review and Video Recap From Friday

It was a busy week in the case against Casey Anthony.

The week started with motions filed by Baez for access to photos from the State's autopsy of Caylee's remains. We learned from Dr. Henry Lee that, indeed, the defense completed their autopsy on the remains of Caylee. This, the second autopsy of the remains, was performed on January 31, 2008, according to Dr. Henry Lee.

We learned more about the videotapes of the crime scene that were allegedly taken in November by private investigators. One investigator, Dominic Casey, emphatically denies any association with the videos, other than he was investigating the area. However, Jim Miller, the second private investigator who supposedly filmed the videotape, says Dominic called and asked Hoover personally to join him at the scene, and that Dominic stated "they were going to get Caylee". Hoover said Dominic Casey told him Caylee was deceased, but they were going to get her remains. Dominic was employed by Baez's law firm until October, '08. He then joined Jim Hoover, who was already employed by George and Cindy Anthony, as their personal private investigators and security.

Two hearings were held on Thursday. During the first, Casey was forced to attend the hearing by Judge Stan Strickland, even though Casey had waived her right to attend. Judge Strickland also ruled that Casey can utilize her right to waive appearance for future hearings, although the wavier has to be in writing, received prior to the hearing date, and it is the court's discretion if she will be granted the waiver to attend. Judge Strickland is holding firm that Casey attend the hearings, and also stated that he didn't understand why Casey would not want to appear to hear the evidence. Experts say it is a maneuver on Baez's behalf for Casey to use on appeal in the future, if need be. By Baez verbally waiving Casey's right to appear during the hearing, Casey could come back later, if she is found guilty of charges, and say that she did not waive her right, she wanted to attend. There would be no proof since her waiver has not been in writing for the past few hearings. Casey could then use this on an appeal. Strickland put the halt on that Thursday. Baez was also granted full access to the autopsy photos, x-rays, and other media provided it is placed on a secure server if it is to be sent electronically and over the Internet for the experts to examine.

The second hearing for the day was actually held prior to the hearing in Judge Strickland's court. This hearing occurred at 11am Thursday, in Judge Jose Rodriguez's courtroom, and pertained to Zenaida Gonzales' Civil Suit against Casey. After an hour of arguments, the judge ruled that Casey will not be videotaped nor deposed, she will only be allowed to answer written questions. The attorney's for Zenaida Gonzales, John Morgan and Mark Mitkin, were ruled to prepare their interrogatory questions for Casey Anthony in a questionnaire format, in which Casey will give a handwritten answer or response.

Also new, on Friday, Jessica D'onofrio of WKMG Orlando, broke a major story that OCSO investigators have overwhelming evidence that Casey intentionally killed Caylee. It was also released that the duct tape was placed directly over Caylee's mouth and there was hair attached to the duct tape. Those hairs on the duct tape matched the hair strand found in the trunk of Casey's car, according to test results.
Casey Anthony video reports from Friday, January 9, 2009 :

From Friday: NBCs Today show

From HLN's "Issues with Jane Valez-Mitchell":
Casey Anthony Fireworks

WKMG Local 6's Jessica D'onofrio broke the story Friday that LE has crucial evidence that Caylee's death was intentional and not an accident. Also confirmed, the hair on the remains match the strand of hair in Casey's car and that duct tape was placed specifically over the mouth of Caylee.
Watch Video From Local 6 WKMG

Video: From Friday's Nancy Grace with special guest, Jessica D'onofrio

videos courtesy of: NBC; WKMG; CNN/HLN

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J.M. said...

I'm just hoping that all of these people coming out of the woodwork do not influence this case. It also seems obvious that keeping Casey from hearings is a defense strategy for future appeals. Infuriating!

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