We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Baez To File Motion For Additional Information Regarding Casey's "Ex"- Ricardo Morales

Ricardo Morales

The attorney for Casey Anthony filed a motion late Friday afternoon seeking more information about an ex-boyfriend of his client's who posted a picture on MySpace that showed a man and woman with the title "win her over with chloroform."
SEE PICTURE: Morales' "Chloroform" Picture From Myspace
Jose Baez wants prosecutors to turn over information about Ricardo Morales, including details about a forensic examination conducted on his computer.
In the more than 3,000 pages of discovery turned over by the state to Anthony's defense team, it was revealed that detectives questioned Morales at least twice.
In the second interview, which occurred in October, Morales said he dated Anthony from January through mid-April, two months before Caylee was last seen alive.
Morales told detectives he posted the chloroform picture on his MySpace page around the beginning of 2008. It was sometime after that when someone did a search for the word "chloroform" on the home computer of George and Cindy Anthony, where Casey Anthony lived with Caylee.
A short time later, Morales and Casey Anthony broke up.
When Morales was asked about the photo, he told detectives it was "kind of funny."
He did not remove the photo from the MySpace page until after Casey Anthony was arrested.
Forensic teams found trace amounts of chloroform in Casey Anthony's car.
Casey was also known to use "Rico", or other variations of "Ricardo" as computer passwords.
Morales also told detectives that Casey Anthony had access to his computer when she was at his apartment. His laptop was analyzed, and detectives noted that "there was nothing incriminating on his computer", although, "it appeared some files had been deleted" the same day it was turned over to detectives.
Author's note: The files appeared to have been "deleted" due to a scheduled computer "internet history delete", which is common with users. When this is performed, it can appear as though deletions have been made in the allocated files. The forensics investigator found the scheduled "clearing of internet history" and it was determined the files were not manually deleted before Morales' computer was turned over to investigators .
Baez said he wants to determine if the evidence is incriminating, so he filed the motion, which could be heard as early as Friday.
Morales told detectives that he never had a conversation with Casey Anthony about chloroform nor did he recall her ever asking about chloroform or the image on his MySpace page.


Anonymous said...

In her twisted mind, don't you think that is where she got the idea for the chloroform? I like many, have followed this one, since it became public. I am adding you to bookmark page. I feel bad for George. He is unable to grasp the fact, that his daughter is capable of such a heinous act. Cindy could shed light on all of this.

Michelle said...

I think Ricardo Morales better find himself an attorney. Good old Jose is going to try to pin this on him.

It also says to me that Chloroform must have been the cause of death...

Don't you think?


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