We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Casey Anthony Appears In Court For Hearings: Also Judge Rules In Favor of Defense Grants Access To Photos of Remains BREAKING NEWS

Casey Anthony, today in court. Casey was last seen October 14

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Judge Strickland Orders Casey Anthony to Be Present In The Courtroom For Hearings. Also Orders State To Turn Over Photos To Defense, Defense Ordered To Keep Evidence On Secure Server

Casey Anthony was in court Thursday afternoon after being forced by the judge to attend a hearing.

Casey had the right to waive her appearance, however Judge Stan Strickland ordered her to appear in court when he learned she had not done so.

WATCH LIVE: 1:30PM Hearing In Criminal Case
CASEY AT COURT: See Images /Casey Walks In

Casey was brought into the courtroom in shackles around 2:55, nearly an hour and a half after the hearing began.
The state argues she has to attend all her pretrial hearings.

Since she did not formally waive her right to attend Thursday's hearing, Judge Stan Strickland made her come into court.

It was the first time Casey had been seen since she was formally charged with first-degree murder on October 14. Dressed in a blue jail jumpsuit, she showed no emotion and often times stared at the table during the court appearance.

Originally, Casey did not show up for the hearing, even though state statue requires defendants to attend all pre-trial hearings unless they make a written request to waive their right to attend, but Judge Strickland ordered her pulled from her cell.

Judge Strickland explained to her, from now on, if she wants to waive her right to attend she must put it in writing, however, it will still be under the court's discretion and no guarantee she will not have to appear.

(images / raw video)

Judge Stan Strickland asked her to identify herself and then informed her of the details surrounding the motion and her option to waive her right to appear.

The hearing began at 1:30pm and the court went into recess around 2:40pm as Judge Stan Strickland considered arguments over the release of x-rays and photos needed for a second autopsy on the remains of Caylee Anthony. Prosecutors said they don't want the pictures sold to the tabloids.

Around 2:55pm, with Casey Anthony now a part of the courtroom attendees, the judge heard further arguments regarding the state's request

Judge Strickland ruled around 3:00pm that the state does have to provide the x-rays and photos, going against the state's request, but required that Baez keep them secure and, ultimately, have them put on a secured computer server. He's not allowed to do anything with them before they are put on the secured server or copy or transmit them in any way.

Caylee was 2 years old when she went missing in June, but her remains were not found until December. She had been missing for about a month before her mother reported it. Casey Anthony has been charged with first-degree murder and other charges.

Casey: still smiling, while America weeps for Caylee

Casey remained stone faced throughout the hearings except for one moment. When her attorney, Jose Baez, presented motion for access to the photographs, he argued that "held his client's life in his hands", and that he would personally take the precautions needed to prevent the photos from being released. Casey raised her head, and smiled directly at Baez after the comment. Photo above.


Lawyers for Casey Anthony won a legal fight Thursday to keep her from giving a deposition under oath. An Orange County judge ruled that Casey will not have to give a deposition next week in a defamation lawsuit filed by a woman named Zenaida Gonzalez.

The 11:00am hearing was one of two hearings set for Thursday in separate cases against Casey Anthony.

ZENAIDA ATTORNEY: Interview After Court Hearing
RAW VIDEO: Hearing On Deposition
TEAM COVERAGE: Legal Victory For Casey

Casey Anthony's defense team filed a motion regarding the civil case with Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez, who is suing Casey for defamation of character.

The motion Thursday was the defense's effort to keep Casey from having to attend a scheduled deposition on Monday. The defense didn't want Casey to speak about the civil case until after her criminal murder trial, because Casey could potentially say something incrimination.

Zenaida Gonzalez, her attorneys Keith Mitnik and John Morgan and Casey's attorney, Jose Baez, were all in the courtroom. Zenaida's attorneys claim delaying the deposition delays clearing Zenaida's name.

"The only hope of trying to recapture one's reputation is to move at the speed of light," attorney Keith Mitnik argued on behalf of Zenaida.

Mitnik has previously said all they want is for Casey to make it clear that this Zenaida Gonzalez, a mother of six, is not the Zenaida that Casey has accused of kidnapping Caylee.

After nearly an hour of hearing arguments from both sides, the judge ruled that only questions in writing could be submitted, not a video deposition under oath as had been scheduled. The judge said it would be a more efficient way to determine what questions were appropriate to ask.
The defense now has 30 days to respond once the plantiff sends over written questions.

content courtesy WFTV for Breaking News


Maureen1982 said...

Ok, we all know how messed up Casey Anthony is. She quite obviously killed her beautiful smart funny little girl. Then there is the conspiracy theory about Cindy, George, and Lee that I think continues to be divided in terms of what the public thinks. I personally don't find them guilty of anything. I actually think they were good grandparents and deserve to be left alone to grieve. Either way, this is not even what I am hear to blog about. I really think this whole case has just turned into a complete circus, everyone is trying to make money off of it, and gain media attention. Now we have this Zenaida chick, who doesn't even fit the description that Casey gave of her Zanny. Why in the world does this lady, just because of the name similarity, have to be a part of the case. She claims she can't get work and her reputation was ruined, but the WHOLE WORLD knows she didn't take Caylee. When they showed Casey a pic of this Zenaida, she said NO, that's not her. So how did she "defame" her. She straight out said, no, that's not the lady who took my daughter. OK, same name, do you know anyone who doesn't share their name with at least ONE person? So this lady Zenaida, she looks like she does drugs herself, is trying to cash in on this media circus too, on top of Leonard Padilla and so many others. It's a shame Caylee is not here to take some royalties on all this cash she's generating. Everyone is forgetting the fact that this little girl had a promising future that was taken in what seems just a malicious manor. I wish Caylee was still here, and I hope that her family is able to come to peace with this whole situation. I hope they can come to grips with the reality of the whole situation and use it to bring their family close together instead of breaking them up. I hope they know Caylee knows they loved them, and I pray for all of them.

spoiledmom said...

I understand exactly what you mean, Maureen. There is so much greed within this case; it is sometimes as if everyone but the state and America have forgotten about Caylee. It is an awful shame that the media gets a high from terrible stories such as these. It is even worse when a lawyer just sits in waiting for something like this to happen so that he can "help his client because she was defamed". I'm sorry, but Caylee was MURDERED and I am "petrified" that those autopsy pictures of that beautiful girl will end up in a magazine in the checkout line of where I buy my milk and bread. I agree with what you say regarding Zenaida. I do not like to judge, actually as far as Zenaida is concerned, no one has to judge, appearances speak thousands of words. I believe when she first hid her identity when she did her interview, she knew that she would be judged by appearances. When John Morgan came into the picture and we saw her with him, she had acquired a pants suit and a curling iron. Some may think I am wrong for stating these things, but am I not correct? I am just stating facts. We know she lived at a Motel 6 because she said it. We know she has a multitude of children because she told us. We know she lost her job as a maid at a motel, because she told us. Does that make her a bad person? NO. But she was already down and out before Casey named her. Is that her fault? NO is it Casey's fault? NO we know Casey is a liar. That's the truth. She came up with a "Zenaida Gonzales that was at "Sawgrass Apartments" somehow. Not by any legal means, I am sure. I can't wait to hear how that came to be. In no defense of Casey what so ever, all Casey did to Zenaida was put her "name" out in the public. Zenaida Gonzales that is suing Casey states that she did not take Caylee. We know that, everyone knows that. Poor Caylee is dead. Zenaida Gonzales listened to an attorney that sees $$. From where he will get it, who knows. Casey has no money. That's an absolute laugh. Also, with her murder trial pending, and the fact she is behind bars, it is not as if Casey can get a job to make money to give to Zenaida, if she is found guilty of "defaming" Zenaida. I think to sum all of this up, and to answer your question is "Cha-Ching".....
Would it be too much for the ones (news media outlets) that are making money of Caylee's image already, to start a fund, program or charity, for needy and/or abused children? (And let the Anthony's nowhere near the account) ...my two cents

Anonymous said...

maureen, i agree with you. these attorneys take these cases not for money, as in this case, but for some notoriety. it seems as though everyone, including the grandparents, are trying to make money off of the death of this beautiful, innocent child. this whole 'sorid, saga' sickens me.

Remember Caylee

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