We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Casey Anthony Saga: Rant Posting

It is being reported that Cindy and Brad Conway visited with George during visiting hours last night.

I am not fond of how news reports are suggesting that George was "taken into custody", implying he was arrested. George was in fact taken into custody, although it was "protective custody" under the Baker Act. He was involuntarily placed under medical watch for his own safety.

Also, reports that Cindy nor Lee have not visited with George as if they could not find the time and have no intention to visit, are getting under my skin as well. Everyone knows my feelings on Cindy, however, I have consistently had some empathy for George.

Cindy's statement that she "sent George out to pick out jewelry for Caylee's funeral"....WTF?? Are you serious, Cindy? What did you think that would do to the man? And why the hell were you not the one picking out the jewelry for your granddaughter? The fact that Cindy would even admit to the public that she sent George on such a task is unbelievable to me. As if she is so distraught that she can not pick the jewelry out herself? I am sorry, in all honesty, "jewelry" is the last thing Caylee needs right now. And why purchase jewelry when you have intentions of "cremation"? In my opinion, Cindy needs psychiatric treatment more than George. George should have gotten away from Cindy and Casey a long time ago. As we have "read", however, I have the impression that he stayed for Caylee. Caylee was the glue that held this family together. Caylee was the "fun" in the dysfunction of this family. Without Caylee, they have lost their way and fallen apart. George has literally seen his entire family disintegrate before his eyes.

I hope Casey is reveling in what she has accomplished in ripping her family apart. I believe that was her intent the entire time. A game she and Cindy played that began long ago-'who can out do the other to hurt the family'. Casey has become the "Mommie Dearest" of all time and she learned from the best, Cindy.
Don't forget the fact that Casey told Amy not too long ago that George had a heart attack so she could get out of helping Amy with an errand. Casey even sent texts appearing to be at the hospital with George and stated "he gave us a scare". The mere fact that it could be a year, or longer, before this trial even starts boils my blood.

Cindy is not my favorite person, and in no form or fashion to defend her, but there could have been reason that she did not immediately report to the hospital. That is not to say she was not in contact via phone with George or the medical personnel. George may have been undergoing treatment and tests which prevented anyone from visiting. Also, from my own knowledge, when one is placed into psychiatric care, family can only visit during visiting hours. Not to isolate the patient from family, but to stabilize the patient and allow them to receive the proper care and treatment from medical experts. It also gives the patient time for privacy and permits them to speak with therapists without outside influence.

None of us can imagine what this family is having to endure. The tension inside that house has to be unbearable. I feel George was wanting "help" and not to intentionally take his life. If George wanted to "be with Caylee", and I say this with my own beliefs, by taking his own life, he would not have been re-united with her. This is where any religion reference ends.

I agree that George was reaching out for help. As he told the Daytona officer, he has no one to speak to regarding his true feelings. It has to be a nightmare George is living. Compound that with the revelations of the case, media scrutiny, the investigation itself, and then add Cindy on top. I believe that is why we saw a different side to George in the released FBI interview videos. George did not have Cindy beside him, giving him her jeering looks, and coaxing him as to what to say. He was open and upfront with the investigators, almost relaxed. Quite the opposite with Cindy's interview with the same FBI investigators. We continued to see the cold heartiness of which she consistently portrays. It is pitiable that one can not feel sympathy for her.

Cindy is a mother and a grandmother that has lost her dear, beautiful granddaughter. In the last video of Caylee with her "PaPa", that Cindy filmed on Father's Day, a small glimpse can be "heard" of Cindy, in how she lovingly speaks to her father and to Caylee. It is a small glimpse, but it is there. There is no doubt that she loved Caylee, none at all. Casey, I believe, turned Cindy into a bitter, hatred woman. If not Casey, something had to have happened many years ago to cause Cindy such bitterness.

I do not like to speculate into other people's lives. Perhaps it is from my education, whatever it is, it doesn't take a college degree to see the severed dynamic of this family.

George undoubtedly wanted help. Someone to "listen", or someone to just give a damn. I am thankful he did not succeed in his intentions. As I stated before, I hope George receives all the medical resources he needs. This will never be put behind him, but I hope that with treatment, and counseling, George will have the capability to cope with what has happened and what is yet to come.

Those that are intent on ending their lives unfortunately do not reach out; they do not call attention to themselves, and in most cases, they do not leave long, detailed messages. To take the time to do so, would give the suicidal person an opportunity to change their mind. Those that are intent on suicide withdraw and go quietly. A very selfish act, yes. In doing so, it is leaving those behind to wonder what they could have done and what signs they missed. They also leave behind family and friends that continue to love and miss them and grieve for years to come.


Anonymous said...

Cindy did not ask George to go out and buy jewelry for Caylee to wear at the funeral, she asked him to pick some out. I love the spoiled mom site for it's factual and accurate accounts of this case, so I am sure this was just an honest mistake and not an intent to cause more emotional distress on the Anthony family.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused about the jewelry thing. Why would Cindy want George to pick out jewelry for Caylee? As I recall, there were nothing but skeletal remains left. Where would you put jewelry? And why would you even worry about that with a child? I could understand if they were burying Caylee's remains and they wanted to leave perhaps a favorite locket of the child's in the casket, but I keep hearing that they plan on cremating her. As I said, I'm very confused.

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