We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ebay Anthony Style

My self esteem has been given a major boost. (heh) Just what I needed after an exhausting and excruciating week of chemo,radiation boosters, scans... uh, wait...wrong blog..

However, the reason behind the boosted confidence belongs on this blog. Seems my blog is one of many that the news peeps in Orlando are scouring.

I posted this little gem a full three days (counting the day of my posting..heh) before the media picked up on it. Seems like other bloggers picked up on the same scoop as well, and like I, are none too happy about the situation.

My posting, and the story being reported by the media, is the fact that the Anthony's are selling "left over" Caylee is Missing, Fly Home Baby, and Have You Seen Me? that also has Caylee's picture on them. They are selling them through the Caylee is Missing myspace page. Oh, and just in case you haven't read my previous post, or didn't click the link above, they are still asking for donations as well. The address to send donations belongs to "the trustee" of the Caylee Marie Anthony Search Fund. But the t-shirt sale, just send your check for $10 per shirt to George Anthony, Hopespring Drive....

Michelle Bart Spews, Yet Again

The person in charge of Caylee's myspace? The page, which technically, is Casey's original myspace page, changed very quickly before her first arrest to "Caylee Is Missing"? My theory was Lee, since he has moved back home with mom and dad. I figured he had a lot of time on his hands, except for that little thing about possibly being charged with obstruction. So, I suppose that is why the culprit is none other than Michelle Bart. I compare that to letting my Shih-tzu to run my blog, but hey, that's my opinion.

Bart says that after the confirmation that the remains were Caylee's, "she had numerous requests for the t-shirts". I'm sure thousands of people who did not request the shirts during the active search, all had the same thought: "I want a 'Caylee Anthony Have You Seen Me?' t-shirt.
For what? A souvenir of this precious little girl's life? Perhaps as a reminder of the lies her rotten mother told? It will take more than a t-shirt for me to ever forget beautiful little Caylee's story and the wretched woman, Casey, who had the audacity to call herself Caylee's "mommy".

Why would anyone request a t-shirt, that was originally for an active search for a missing little girl, after finding out the remains of that little girl had been found? Found, after lying a quarter of a mile from her own home, for six long months, enduring Florida heat and Tropical Storm Faye. The same t-shirt, Casey appallingly wore to visits with her attorney, Jose Baez, while on house arrest.

Ebay--Anthony Style

I'm not buying it Michelle Bart. I'm really not buying that "the proceeds are going to non-profits that helped with the search" Who would that be? The Anthony's? Non-profits, as you call them, are just that. Not for profit. Why would you not say you are donating to these organizations? However, the Anthony's are for profit, and the general public is not stupid. We caught on to their act and busted it wide open.

Cindy keeps saying people are profiting off of Caylee, when in actuality, it is she and George. Except for that little thing with Larry Garrison and NBC..if not for the email hack, we would have never known about it. I think Cindy was just mad because she didn't get her share of the money for the licensing fee. In Cindy's mind, she didn't profit, because she didn't' get any money.
Michelle Bart says she is going to converse with Cindy about the sale and have her make a decision as to whether it should be taken down from the site. Actually Michelle says she is going to "ask Cindy if they should close the sale".

/rant (end of rant)

You can read the story on Fox Orlando's website here.

Thanks again for your readership.

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Michelle said...

I can not get to your blog now using Internet Explorer. Since I'm addicted I had to use Firefox to get here...just to let you know.


imjacobsmom said...

Glad to hear that your energy is boosted and your feeling fine....

spoiledmom said...

@ Michelle:

Thank you for letting me know! Sorry for any inconvenience, everything is back up and running. Was an error on my part...my post titles were too long...LOL

Thanks for visiting and keep coming back! :)

spoiledmom said...


Thank you for your sentiments..I wouldn't excatly use "fine" to describe my week however, LOL But it is close enough. I only wish my energy was boosted, I was being witty with the post and my self esteem. Wonder if I drank an entire case of "Boost"... um probably not.. LOL

I wanted to let you know I had to take down a lot of your "link backs" that was on the Annie/Zenaida post. When I noticed there was a kink in the blog code, from the code I could tell something was overloading IE way too much. After I deleted your link backs, it helped some, but I found out that it mainly was my post titles. Please accept my sincere appologies. I wanted to explain that in doing so it was for remedy and not egregious in the least.
I realize I get traffic from your site and am very appreciative. I have your site listed on my "blog roll" in the side bar, and did so as soon as I noticed the traffic. Please feel free to link back to a post on your blog.
Your blog is gorgeous and I enjoy visiting. I need to find time for my second blog, as well. (read: make time)
Thank you again for your readership and well wishes. :)

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