We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Monday, January 5, 2009

Casey Anthony Case: BREAKING: Private Investigators To Hold Press Conference


Two of the Anthony's private investigators, Jim Hoover and Dominic Casey, are planning on holding a news conference Monday. A time has not yet been released.

Brand new evidence could potentially tie Casey Anthony to her daughter's body. A mystery videotape of the crime scene, taped by one of the Anthony's private investigators weeks before Caylee was found, has been reported to show their other private investigator on the phone. Question is: who is he talking to?

That mystery caller could be a big clue that connects Casey to the crime scene.

WATCH THE VIDEO REPORT: Mystery Videotape Could Hold Clue

Last week, it was reported the Anthony's' two private investigators came to the discovery scene on November 15 and 16, a Saturday and Sunday, possibly looking for Caylee's remains.

Law enforcement is trying to find out whether inside information led them there.

It is also being reported the Anthony's private investigator, Dominic Casey, is seen on videotape dated November 15, a month before Caylee's remains were found. This videotape portrays Dominic Casey on the phone at the area that was turned crime scene a month later.

California bounty hunter Leonard Padilla, who first sprung Casey out of jail, says he saw Dominic Casey on the videotape, because the person who shot it, private investigator Jim Hoover, showed it to him.
"He's standing there, or somebody's standing there, filming Dominic down the road and Dominic's on a cell phone, and you can see the fence, the signs on the left, the fence is there, everything is there," Padilla said.

Finding out who Dominic Casey was talking to that day on the phone at the scene could be important to investigators in finding out whether inside information brought him and the other private eye to the area.

Padilla also states that Hoover claims Dominic Casey told him on November 15 that Caylee's remains had been found and that the two of them were going to look for them.

Dominic Casey told a local Orlando news affiliate on Friday he was talking to his ill daughter on the phone that day and insists he was only there to rule out a tip from one of Casey's friends.

Padilla said when shown the videotape, he asked Hoover about Dominic Casey's phone call.
"I even asked him, (Hoover) 'Who's he (Dominic) talking to?' He (Hoover) said, 'I don't know.' 'Could you hear what he was saying?' 'No, I couldn't hear.' He was 100 yards away," Padilla explained.

Both Dominic Casey and Padilla said Hoover claims to have recorded over most of the tape he shot at the scene.

Time of presser to be announced, updates to follow......

video courtesy: WFTV

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