We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Casey Anthony Case: Judge Delays Hearing In Civil Case Involving Zenaida Gonzales' Civil Lawsuit

Baez Held Emergency Hearing Held On Monday, Judge Rules On Tuesday Regarding Civil Case
A judge on Tuesday decided to schedule a formal hearing later this week in the civil case involving a woman who shares the same name as the baby sitter Casey Anthony claimed she left her daughter, Caylee, with at an Orange County apartment complex. Casey Anthony was scheduled to testify under oath on Monday, January 5, at the Orange County Jail in the civil lawsuit filed by Zenaida Gonzalez, but Anthony's attorneys are seeking to halt the scheduled deposition.
Anthony, 22, remains jailed on first-degree murder charges in the death of Caylee, who was 2 years old when she was reported missing in mid-July. Human remains discovered by a utility worker in a wooded area near the home of Caylee's grandparents -- where Casey and Caylee Anthony also lived -- were identified as the missing girl on December 19, 2008.
Anthony told investigators that she left Caylee with a baby sitter named Zenaida Gonzalez at the Sawgrass Apartments in mid-June, but the two were gone when she returned to pick up her daughter. Detectives said the story did not check out, and Anthony was initially arrested on child-neglect charges shortly after her mother, Cindy Anthony, called 911 to report Caylee missing in mid-July.

Gonzalez is the only person by the name Zenaida Gonzalez with a connection the apartment complex. She once visited the complex while searching for a place to live, although she never rented an apartment there.

Gonzalez, who is represented by high-profile attorney John Morgan, filed a defamation lawsuit again Casey Anthony months ago for providing deputies with her name.

"(Casey Anthony) made a mistake when she pulled that name because, through our law firm and the legal system, Zenaida is going to push back."

"It was a lie," Morgan said in reference to the claim that Caylee was left with his client. "It was false and it was slander."
"(It) has been stressful," Gonzalez said. "I've never been through a situation like this."

After being shown photos of "this" Zenaida Gonzales, Casey Anthony said this is not the woman she left Caylee with. Casey stated it was another woman named Zenaida Gonzalez.

This Zenaida Gonzales was also shown pictures of Caylee's Florida Driver's License, other photos and photos of Caylee. Zenaida denied knowing either of the two Anthony's.

Afterwards, Zenaida filed her civil suit and then, Casey Anthony's attorney, Baez, filed a counter-claim against Zenaida Gonzales, suing her, as well.

New Tip Line Released

Meanwhile, Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, released a tip line phone number on Monday, hoping to gain information about the time frame surrounding Caylee's disappearance.

The number to the new information is 407-442-2814.

Baez said he's interested in receiving information, photographs and video from the time Caylee was last seen until her remains were found.

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