We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Casey Anthony: Dominic Casey Interview Regarding Videotape Of Area and Tip Made By "Friend" of Casey's

Dominic Casey, Private Investigator

Dominic Casey's exclusive interview with WESH Orlando. Dominic Casey says on November 15, he walked the area where Caylee's remains were found to investigate "a tip" provided by one of Casey's high school friends. Speculation is that report of Kiomarie Cruz, who told detectives in August that if Casey had buried Caylee, she would have buried her in the area known as "The Zone" near the elementary school she and Casey attended.

Video Coverage: Dominic Casey Interview Dominic Casey, a former body guard for Casey Anthony, addresses accusations that he knew where Caylee Anthony’s remains were before they were found in December.

The area is the same area where Caylee's remains were found by meter reader, Roy Kronk, on December 11, 2008. Kronk also called 911 a total of 3 times in August to report what he thought was a suspicious bag that pertained to the "Caylee incident". Those calls to 911 did not lead to any findings, but it was Kronk who again, on December 11, called 911 to alert law enforcement he had found a skull while he was in the wooded area "to relieve himself" while on duty.

Dominic Casey said Jim Hoover was with him the day he did "the walk through" of the area and Hoover who videotaped it. Hoover later told Dominic that he had taped over the video, after Dominic claimed it would be a conflict of interest due to Hoover being employed as a PI for the Anthony family and Dominic Casey was an ex-employee of Baez Law Firm.

Hoover has since came forward with the video tape and law enforcement's preliminary statements say it appears to be the same area. The entire ordeal has raised questions as to whether the remains of Caylee were there in August when Kronk first called, if they were there on November 15, during Dominic Casey and Jim Hoover's visit to the area, or if the remains were placed there in time for the finding by Kronk and if he has some type of connection to the case.

At this time, Kronk has not been named a suspect nor is considered one by law enforcement, although, Kronk has hired an attorney.

Kronk is not entitled to the reward for the finding of Caylee's remains, though Mark NeJame, the Anthony's former attorney, has made a statement that he is willing to pay Kronk $5,000.00 for his findings.

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