We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Saturday, January 3, 2009

From the Sidebar.. Link Updated and Repaired.

I apologize for any inconvenience to those of you who have tried clicking the link for the Rare Audio over in the side bar. I was just made aware that the link was broken. (thank you for the heads up--"CrimeJaneDoe"!)

I have repaired the link and it is available here and also in the sidebar. This is a very rare audio clip of an investigator detailing Casey's car after OCSO took possession of it into the forensics's bay, the search of the Anthony's back yard, and he briefly discusses the cadaver dogs.

Note of interest: Listen as the detective states that the Anthony's picked Casey's car up from Johnson's Towing on July 16, then OCSO took possession of the car on July 17.

We know that George and Cindy picked the car up on the July 15, the same day Cindy picked up Casey from Tony's apartment and made the 911 calls. This whole incident with Cindy and Casey began sometime between 2pm and 3pm at Tony's. Amy's statement says she took Cindy to Tony's apartment and they were there about an hour. After leaving Tony's with Casey, Cindy then dropped Amy off at her home. The first 911 call Cindy made was from in front of a patrol station. Cindy originally went there to take Casey in, but the precinct was closed. Cindy states this in the first 911 call, saying she did not realize the stations "closed at 5". From there, Cindy and Casey drive home. Lee arrives at around 6pm, due to a call from George asking him to go to the house "to check on Mom". Two more 911 calls were made by Cindy, and on the last, Casey spoke to the 911 operator, herself. The OCSO arrived at the Anthony residence sometime between 7pm to 9pm on July 15. Casey was taken into custody after midnight according to records.

In the early am hours of July 16th, OCSO detectives questioned Casey more at the sheriff's office. That same morning, officers and detectives took her on the "wild goose chase around Orlando",( Sawgrass Apts; the elderly living home; J Blanchard Park; and other locations Casey said "she had met Zanny with Caylee"); then finally to Universal, where she admitted she was not employed. Casey was taken back to OCSO and arrested on July 16th during the afternoon hours. ......little nugget of information based on research

RARE: Audio of OCSO investigator describing Casey's car when taken into possession of OCSO; the search of Anthony's backyard and the cadaver dogs.

editor's note: please do not hesitate to leave comments on any post. This blog is a project close to my heart, as we have all "adopted" Caylee into our lives and love the little girl with the big brown eyes and sparkling smile.
As I have stated earlier, my goal is to post the latest news on the case without a lot of my "opinions", but you all know that I have peppered mine throughout the blog.. I am in the process of starting a chat room or at least a forum so that those that visit will have a way to communicate. Until then, please utilize the comments. I love to hear other's opinions, even if they differ with mine. That is why we all have them.

Thank you for your readership, subscriptions, visits and comments. It means a lot to me to know that so many people find my work interesting enough to keep coming back. :)


KathyNevada77@hotmail.com said...

its me Kathy, Something keeps going on in my head. Do you remember Casey, saying: my mother, is NEVER going to forgive me for this one? I can't seem to get that comment out of my head. Now did I dream this or what?
No one has mentioned this. Please someone let me know if Iam the only one that remembers this!! I feel a Piece of my heart is Gone,
This little Angel, Left her heart prints, all over the World.

spoiledmom said...


Hello! Thanks for stopping by and I have been so busy over the holidays. I have taken the laptop with me to family visits as well as chemo...Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Yes, Casey did say that in her interview at Universal, when LE took her there and she led (swaggered) her way down the hall to a fake office, before turning and confessing she didn't work there since 2006.

During the interview, she told the detective that she saw how her mother reacted and she afraid. She had seen the way her mom had acted "now" (meaning, she acted worse than what Casey "thought" Cindy would have acted, especially if she had come clean 31 days earlier) The detective says "are you afraid of your mother or afraid of not finding your child?" Casey answers, "No, I'm petrified, absolutely "petrified" of my mom.. and the potential of not seeing Caylee again and I do not want to think about that right now."
Casey also says she knows her mom will never forgive her and she will never be able to forgive herself. You are right and didn't dream it!
I used quotes, but that is really off the top of my head, it is pretty much verbatim, I can find the audio/video for you and send to you.

It is such a tragic loss. And yes, she did bring thousands of people together through her brown eyes and had the love of all of them. She is America's Angel.

I will email you tomorrow! :)

kathynevada77@hotmail.com said...

I pray for you everyday, Feel blessed to have contact with you. Sorry the conditions we met
under. You are a bright & shinning star, I can tell just by our short conversations. Keeping up your blogs, website etc, even with all you are going through with your chemo, your health, your family, holidays, Girl you amaze me. I appreciate your Spirit, you give me hope, when I felt all was coming apart for me. You have no idea how you have helped me by staying concerned for other's, When I know you don't feel up to par either.
Hugs, Love, & Prayers, Look forward to hearing from you, I hope we may keep in touch. You have given so much of yourself.
Thanks for being YOU!!!!

Remember Caylee

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