We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony

We Remember Caylee Marie Anthony
Last Photo of Caylee: 6.15.08

Friday, January 2, 2009

Caylee Anthony: What's Happens Next....

Missing toddler Caylee Anthony’s remains have been found and identified and since the discovery, Caylee's grandparents, Cindy and George, have been keeping a low profile.

Their attorney, Brad Conway, has been acting as their mouth piece. He has also been helping plan a proper burial for the toddler, something he says has been tough. "My job is not to trust anybody,” Conway said. “And we will make sure they're able to grieve in private. We want to make sure that people are there to bury this child with dignity and respect and not profit on it in any way," he added.

VIDEO: What’s next for Caylee Anthony?

The plan is still to have both a public and private memorial. The private memorial will be very small - only family and close friends. The public memorial will be open to everyone. But, there will be some rules such as no back packs, no cell phones and no cameras.

Contrary to what been being reported, Conway said the Anthony's would like their daughter Casey, who is currently being held in the Orange County Jail charged with Caylee’s death, to be there for the private memorial. "They want their family together,” Conway said. “They want their family together for this. I don't know if that's possible."

As for the remaining money left in the Help Find Caylee fund, Conway said there's not much left, maybe a few thousand dollars. The family will donate it to a group whose mission is to help find mission children. "We want to make sure that money is given to an organization that's well documented,” Conway said. “And the majority of their money goes to finding missing children as opposed to overhead,” he added.

The Anthony's are hoping to give Caylee a proper send off after her mother's defense team is done with the work they need to do on the remains.


I would like to see the financial records on this "non-profit" scheme the Anthony's ran. Where did the money go? Cindy's new wardrobe of t'shirts with Caylee's picture on them? Or, maybe her "paper-bag" purse with Caylee's picture plastered all over it, like Caylee was a "brand"....or just maybe, the reports regarding Lee are true. Either way, it is a total disgrace to this precious little girl. What "work" does the defense need to do on Caylee's remains? They declined an opportunity to visit the crime scene. I think it is just a "gawk and talk" arranged for the big-wig experts on the defense to put their two cents in. The entire expert team are highly regarded experts in their specific line of work. Albeit, they have lost any regard I had for them after Dr. Henry Lee went on live tv and told what was in Casey's car not even 24 hours after he examined it. I can not stand the thought of them prodding and poking at this poor little girl's remains. Let Caylee's remains rest in peace already. She has suffered enough. And while I'm here, I hope the Anthony's do not get immunity. They had six long months to tell what they knew to find that baby girl or at the least, get their monster daughter to spill where Caylee was to investigators. But they wanted to play the "stupid" card, thinking they were gaining sympathy as "grandparents who had lost their grandchild" They may have won some people over, but the majority of people I speak to have nothing good to say about them. It is hard to even feel sorry for them. I have tried to feel for George, as I have mentioned before, but he kept playing Cindy's hand too many times and enough is enough. They all knew something, if not the entire story, I believe they collectively knew enough to put it all together, especially Lee, I believe he holds the key to the entire, twisted , event. I think all parties involved should be held accountable as seen fit............my two cents.

video: Fox35 Orlando

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